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Tsung Pathet, Couranth

Blue Tsung Pathet
Tsung Pathet . Greater Tsung Pathet
STR 3d6+6 STR 3d6+18
CON 3d6+12 CON 3d6+12
SIZ 2d6+12 SIZ 3d6+18
INT 2d6+2 INT 2d6+4
POW 2d6+8 POW 2d8+10
DEX 2d6+4 DEX 2d6+4
APP 2d4+2 APP 2d4+2
Maul, Greatsword 60% Greatsword, Claw 95%
Scales 3+d6 20% chance of armor over scale Scales 5+d6+1
Chaos taint d2 Chaos taint d2+1
Hit Points +8 Hit Points +12
Fatigue +5 Fatigue +10

For each chaos taint (each has one or two):

Tribal Colors/Groups (6 clans/septs)

Tiev Manat gain one point in SIZ for each sentient (FREE INT) creature they kill and eat in single combat.


Vulture Lord
Tiev Naneth (Couranth)

The standard Couranth have long necks and beaked faces that are very similar in shape and appearance as that of a vulture.

The necks are naked of feathers and taper out to the body admidst a feather and scale ruff.

Attached to the feathered and scaled snake-like body are six claws and two sets of feathered and skin clad wings (mostly skin with feather control surfaces).

A Couranth is generally eight to twelve feet in length with a like wingspan on the major set of wings and a lesser wingspan on the vestigal set that sits behind the neck.

. Couranth/Vulture Lord

These forsook their own race for increased power and merged with the fallen bull spirit.

Usurpers, strong, cruel, trusting in magic and their own wisdom, cunning and pride.

They and the "common" Tiev despise each other as weak and as failed.

Yes, this is my way of introducing a tiny bit of cross-over and Ragnaglar to my mythos. With the Couranth, some embraced chaos in their revolution, some stayed with the wind, and some decided to follow after the fallen goat / bull power that helped Upharsin and Tekel into the world.

They look markedly different from their brethern.  Solitary.

STR 3d6+12 STR 3d6+18
CON 3d6+8 CON 3d6+12
SIZ 4d6+6 SIZ 4d6+9
INT 3d6+6 INT 2d6+12
POW 2d6+12 POW 3d6+12
DEX 3d6+6 DEX 3d6
APP 3d6+6 APP 3d6+8
Move/Hit points As Wind Elemental Move/Hit points Wind Elemental/+20
Shapechange* Into Wind Elemental Shapechange Into Wind Elemental
Chaos taint see below Chaos taint see below
Hit Points +8 Hit Points +12
Fatigue x2 Fatigue x2

Tiev Naneth (Couranth)

Skills:     As Humans x 5 (highly skilled

Armor :  If substantial, Armor = 1+POW, if insubstantial = POW

Magic 2d6 sorcery spells at INT x 5%; all other sorcery skills/spells at INT x 3%; Vulture Lords have 3d6+2 sorcery skills/spells at INTx10% and all other sorcery skills at INTx5%.

*50% chance of divine magic (2d6+6 points). Divine magic is either all (50%) Chaos or (50%) Air. If they have divine magic, then they also can become a Sylph and have the abilities of a Sylph of equivalent SIZ when they change shape. Shape change costs 1 pt of fatigue per point of SIZ.

If no divine magic, then 90% chance of being a male nature spirit (see nature spirit rules), 10% chance of being a chaos tainted creature (one taint per five points of power). Chaos tainted Couranth are -18 to APP, may discorporate and have Fixed INT. They have no CON (use SIZ to replace to calculate numbers).

Chaos tainted Couranth also have all powers of Wraiths.

Standard Couranth also have the following abilities:

Vulture Lords also have the following abilities:


The Couranth have a semi-feudal society with only nobles and slaves. They have strong nuclear families, are infertile by choice, addicted to a diet of hunger and power. They are driven by hunger, hate and need. A need for taint to consume (they prey especially on the undead), a hate for the Norns and those who remained loyal, and a hunger for vindication.

The Couranth are the only race of the Eord that was not created as a warped thing by Upharsin but instead willingly embraced him. Their founder took the place of the Hound as the Chaos/Air focus. All who followed him (roughly 90%) either were tainted by Chaos or became a variant of sylphs. His people took the most casualties in the wars (which is why the balance is now 60% sylph/chaos and 40% corrupt nature spirit).

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