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More Creatures -- 4 types of trolls

Fell Troll . Ancient Fell Troll
STR 3d6+14 STR 3d6+18
CON 2d6 CON 2d6+2
SIZ 2d6+16* SIZ 3d6+18*
INT 2d6+2 INT 2d6+2
POW 3d6 POW 3d6
DEX 3d6-1 DEX 3d6
APP 1d6 APP -1d3
Claw 1d8+1d10 40% Claw 2d6+1d10 55%
Scales 4 Scales 6
Fear d3 times Fear d6 times
Chaos taint d2 Chaos taint d2+1
Move 3 Move 3
Hit Points/+Armor 17 / 6 Hit Points/+Armor 21 / 6
Fatigue 35 Fatigue 40

*Reach is +5 to SIZ
+Armor is ironskin chaos taint bonus to scales (so scales of 4+6 = total armor of 10, scales of 6+6 = total armor of 12).

There are two races of "trolls."  The one is a rubbery, somewhat undead, chaos tainted creature that eats other sentient beings.  The other is a dark race (darkness+man), that seems related to pigs, known as Dark Trolls. The trolls here are the rubbery, somewhat undead, unclean chaos tainted creatures.

The Fell trolls all have the chaos taint of regenerate d3 points per melee round in each hit location (each regeneration costs 1 point of fatigue per hit point, when fatigue = 0, they regenerate d3 points per movement round) and all have the chaos taint of iron skin (in addition to their scales).  As they get older, they get stronger and more tainted.  They also have the effect of Fear (POW v. POW attack, POW in meters range, if they succeed in the attack, everyone they overcome is afflicted by fear for melee rounds = POW of the troll).

They track by scent at INT*4% chance.

They have INT% chance of knowing d2 points of random spirit magic.  d2 are encountered whenever they are found. They and Walktipi compete for the same hunting grounds.  They are burned by sunlight (d2 points of damage to all exposed surfaces per melee round) and dislike it.  The chaos taints noted above are in addition to the two "standard" ones.

Lesser trolls (related to fell trolls) also exist.  They just have regenerate d3 points (total) per melee round.  The spider trolls have four arms (usually two with clubs, one using claws and one carrying a shield) and they are very fast; the twisted earth trolls are very strong and tough and know enough to use mauls and other two handed weapons.  Spider trolls look like scale covered spiders walking on two legs, fighting with four, with tufts of hair sprouting out between the scales.  Earth trolls are dark earth colors, red and black and mud, with rough, large scales.  They are more massive than their reach would suggest (+5 to SIZ for all mass related rolls).

Lesser Spider Troll . Twisted Earth Troll
STR 3d6+6 STR 3d6+26
CON 3d6 CON 2d6+12
SIZ 2d6+6 SIZ 3d6+8 (+5 for mass)
INT 2d6-1 INT 2d6
POW 3d6 POW 3d6+6
DEX 4d6+3 DEX 2d6+2
APP d3+1 APP d3
Claw d6+1 45% Claw d8+1 55%
Scales 2 Scales 8
Demoralize d3 times Befuddle d6 times
Chaos taint 1 Chaos taint d2
Move 4 Move 3
Clubx2 d8+1 35% Great Maul d20+1 45%
Claw/Shield (8 pt) d6 35%/35% Binding d3+1 times +20%

Twisted Earth Trolls are a species of troll spawned from places in the earth were the chaos tainted blood of the Vampire Troll Arkata was spilled.  The blood regenerated itself individually into trolls that drew their substance and strength from the earth.  They take 1d6 per melee round to every exposed location when they are in bright light (= to sunlight) and double damage from fire.  If an enemy is powerless (bound, knocked out, rendered unconcious, etc.) they can tap the enemy for d2 to CON, d3 to randomly rolled characteristic for each melee round that they feed on the target.  They have the spell binding as an ability and often use mauls or great hammers as weapons, weilding them two handedly

Chaos spiders and dream spiders, wyrms and Shadows.

Dream spiders live, mostly in the realm of dream, and eat the wisps of unformed dreams -- much like our spiders eat bugs and other insects.  It is no mistake that a dreamcatcher looks like a spider web.  The greater dream spiders, much like the one that formed the web that comprises Starstrands are much rarer.  Chaos spiders are a chaos demon whose venom acts like a combination tap spell (POT of venom v. POW+CON/2 of victim.  If it wins, tap one point of each characteristic [i.e. reduce all characteristics by one] and inflict a chaos taint on the target) and "gift of Thed/chaos gift" spell.  The dream spider that formed Starstrands was seduced by a chaos spider that attempted to breed with it.  She ate the foolish thing, but it inflicted her with chaos.  The print of that infection is seen in many of the creatures warped by the magical half-presence of the not-dead/not-living remnants of the dream spider on the web.

Wyrms, just like those in the Runequest Creatures book, are found in Starstrands, both in the void and in the dark -- they have the power of magical flight.  Most have been bitten at least once by a chaos spider (roll d4-1 for chaos taints and points tapped).  There are also eight legged dream dragons, about half tainted by chaos, the other half with illusion powers.

Blood worms eventually become as large and as dangerous as Stoorworms.  For each d6 of SIZ after the first they must consume another blood worm or blood maggot or the bodies of three sentients.  They are their own most common predator.  A clutch of 2d6 blood worms is spawned into carron by a process not fully understood, but they are often found in the lairs of man eaters and fell creatures, in the bones and offal.

Comparison Chart For Reference
Blood maggots Blood Worm Greater Blood Worm
STR 1d6 STR 2d6 STR 12d6
CON 1d6 CON 2d6 CON 3d6+12
SIZ 1d6 SIZ 2d6 SIZ 12d6
POW 1d6 POW 1d6+1 POW 1d6+12
DEX 1d3 DEX 1d6 DEX 2d6
move 1 move 2 move 3
bite 10% 1d3 bite 25% 1d4 bite 56% d10+4d6
breath 100% poison
armor -1 armor 1 armor 10
regen 2/rd

There are also Shadow elementals, similar, but different to shades or salamanders.  Almost all are chaos free.  They are actually creatures of the dark, but require the light and are not harmed by fire (though they can be harmed by strong light, as in magical light or power).

The Greater Shadow that Ariel and Amber met had been bitten by a chaos spider.  It is an elemental of shadow (not quite a darkness or a fire elemental).

If it were possible, summoning a greater shadow would be a 6 point rune magic spell.

STR 30d6
SIZ 30 cubic meters
POW 30d6
HP 30d6
Move 6
INT 2 (fixed)

The one that Ariel and Amber encountered had a current POW of 25 and INT of 12 (not fixed) with the chaos taints of -50 to POW, undetectable as tainted by chaos, +2d6 to INT.  It had just slain the chaos spider that had bitten it.

Instead of fearshock, it engulfs its enemies, with the ability to engulf 10 siz points per 2 cubic meters of size.  It does damage on SR 8 of the melee round it engulfs.  Roll a POW v. POW attack.  If it succeeds it does 3d6(-armor) in feezing damage to the target and it befuddles/demoralizes the target. If it fails, the target is unharmed and the shadow loses d6 magic points.  When all magic points are lost, the shadow ceases to attack.  A target that is not fully engulfed is attacked with d6(-armor) in one location and is demoralized.

When the two girls fought, they had the advantage (though they did not know it) of the dragon's talon rune and their familiar's POW.  They also had the advantage of the dramatically lowered POW of the shade due to the chaos "gift" it had received from the bite of the spider.

Comparison Chart
Lightwalkers Snow Dwarves Dwarves
STR 3d6 STR 2d6+7 STR 4d6
CON 2d6 CON 2d6+7 CON d6+12
SIZ 2d6+6 SIZ 2d6+4* SIZ 2d6
INT 2d6+7 INT 2d6+5 INT 2d6+6
POW 4d6-1 POW 3d6 POW 3d6
DEX 3d6+1 DEX 3d6 DEX 3d6
APP 3d6 APP 3d6 APP 3d6
Light++/long knife d4+1 War Axe d8 Hammer d6

*mass. -2 for reach.  Snow dwarves are denser than normal humans, but are more human than anything else.

++Roll Light skill points+POW v. POW (limited by current magic points). If the lightwalker wins, does d6 points directly to a rolled hit location or to total hit points and reduces magic points of the target by d3.  If the lightwalker loses, he loses d6 magic points and takes d3 points to hit points or to a hit location. To fly, roll Fly+POW+STR vs. SIZ+CON.  If the lightwalker wins, may use fly skill (exerts one fatigue point per melee round flying) and is flying. Fly skill is one half light skill plus any points placed directly in flight (it is a rune skill).  Every time there is a skill check, the lightwalker must make both the skill roll and the initiation roll (lightwalkers rarely fly).  Light skill is a rune skill (requires the sacrifice of one point of pow for every 5% of skill).

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