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Scorpiod . Scorpionmen
STR 2d6+12 STR 2d6+12
CON 2d6+6 CON 3d6
SIZ 2d6+14 SIZ 2d6+12
INT 3d6 INT 2d6
POW 3d6+3 POW 2d6
DEX 3d6+6 DEX 3d6+3
APP 3d6+2 APP 3d6-2
Sword 1d8+1d10 40% Spear 1d6+1d10 35%
Shield 10 35% Small Shield 6 25%
Spray d3 times+ 75% Sting d6+d6* 46%
Star Power 3d6 fire++ Chaos taint 1-5 on d6
Move 5 Move 4
Hit Poitnts/Armor 17/3+d6 Hit Points/Armor 15/3
Fatigue 35 Fatigue 30

Well, I knew we had done something unwise with the star rune.  I didn't know what, so I decided we should talk to my mom as soon as we got home.  I know, my mom can be really scarey, but there are some sorts of things that I just feel better about talking to her instead of my dad.  If I ever did something really stupid, like smoked a cigarette or kissed a boy when I shouldn't -- Mom is who I'd talk to.  Now if I needed real help, or moral support to do the right thing, it is Dad for sure, but when I've made a mistake, I go to Mom.

Mom just laughed at us.  She explained the star runes and how men go on the hero paths to the stars and bring back the rune stones and the connection they make.  She warned me to be much more careful than we had been.  After all, we could have reached the star that the Scorpiods follow.

I had to know what she was laughing about.

Now there are scorpions that are also manlike -- kind of like centaurs, but with scorpion bodies instead of horses.  They are the guards of the sky gates that the sun follows every day and guard the first gate from where the sun springs from the mountains to the skies.  In the world of shattered norns, when Upharsin entered before the time for the sun to enter, while the world was still forming, many of the scorpiods (that is what they are called) turned to chaos and despair.  Those are called scorpionmen and they are hungry, twisted, tainted and man eaters.  In turning to Upharsin they gained poisonous stingers that have a potency equal to the scorpion man's constitution (poison POT = CON).  If the stinger penetrates armor and does damage, it also injects poison.  *On a CON v. CON contest, if it wins, it does damage = POT direct to hit points (1/4 of the damage per melee round until it is all done).  If it loses the CON v. CON contest, it does 1/4 damage, three melee rounds after the victim is hit.  There are scorpion man antivenom potions.

Now the Scorpiods are more closely related to vinagaroons, a type of scorpion that sprays out of its tail rather than stinging with it.  +d3 times a day they can spray the contents of their alimentary tract on an opponent (roll once to see what type of sprayer a Scorpiod is).  1 time a day, the spray has potency of CON+3.  2 times a day it is CON-2, three times a day it is CON-3.  Each melee round the gunk sprayed loses a point of potency.  Until the target wins a CON v. CON contest all skills and abilities are at 50% due to the smell, etc.

++The star rune that the Scorpiods sought out lets them spray fire just as they would the other spray, as many times as they want, at a cost of 3 magic points and 3 fatigue points a spray.  The spray is 1/3 meters*POW in length and does 3d6 damage to all the targets.  Of course if a human were to touch the rune, they too would gain the ability to fart fire.

That is what she was laughing about, the thought that we could have ended up with that ability instead of what we got.  The scorpiods find it very valuable, but she thought we wouldn't.

There is a star fire rune of that type in Starstrands, the One Eyed King of the Castlemen brought it back, on a quest for fire.  He was kind of on track.  His missing eye he traded to another star, this one that gives a great deal of engineering data (his missing eye looks into the civil engineering and construction knowledge his people needed).  Still, his throne is the most unusual.

greater wind wraiths (an undead/chaos creature)

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