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Spin Dryads

These are spider dryads, always spinning slightly as if caught in a vortex.  They are bonded to the web that is Starstrands rather than a tree.

Spider Squid

These creatures float in packs in the void that surrounds Starstrands.  Rarely encountered except for those who travel the void or who leave the surface of the web.  Sometimes they swarm, racing and jumping over each other.  Translucent, with internal fires, glowing phosphorescent colors.

Drift Nets

Very pretty at a distance, like blankets of muted pastel color.

Void Sharks

These are hungry predators, usually just one is found (1d3-1 encountered, if 0 is rolled, then one encountered).

Brindle Cats

Low fire creatures.  Malicious, given to rages on occasion.  They delight in tormenting other creatures and in starting fires.

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