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Indigo was born a Minoan, before the destruction of Thera.  Her parents were blue lodge assassins, hunting evil in the guise of a traveling priestess of Ceres and her scholar husband.

She was in the temple of Ceres, waiting on her mother when a great magic broke as a part of the volcanic explosion that destroyed Thera).  Her mother cast a spell of safety and time stopped in a bubble. The spell would last for over three thousand years (from about 1500 BCE to 2001 ACE).  Bullrider, assassin, last scion of the blue lodge, lost out of time, she is Indigo.  

Excerpts from the back story and information from the sketches.

Indigo speaks Minoan 95% (magically mapped to Ançíen Sidhé), Mycenean Greek Koine (a lingua franca of her era -- font) 75%, Aeald (an ancient hunting language used by some dragons) 75%, 14th century Italian Church Latin  (Vulgate) 70%, and English (the last two as the result of some magic) 70%.  She also speaks a little Frence (10%) and a little NA Siddhe (10%) and is learning Common Era Greek Koine/Byzant. She can read linear A and B {more, and more accurate information on linear A and B), Runic Aeald and English.  For more historical background Phaistos Disk is a good place to start.

She is 5'2" (then 5'3" after the crimson gem), her hair and eyes were originally Indigo and after the two blood gems her eyes remained that color but her hair turned blue-violet.  For a time she died her hair deeper so that it looked black, now she wears it black or bleached to a violet tinged blond, depending on her mood.  She has pale skin. She was 17 years old turning 18 Christmas 2002. With various changes in the seasons and time, she still celebrates her birthdays near the winter equinox. Faction markers are a bitter king glyph and a lightwalker glyph.

Thalia/Indigo (Minoan Human)
  • Skills
    • Assassin Martial Arts
    • Necromancer Curses
    • Hard Fire
  • Special Skill Choice
    • Whirlwind (may combine with martial arts)
    • Evade
  • Familiar
    • The Red Bull, a great bull, brilliant red in color, a spirit creature.
    • Terror, Weapon Mastery, Weapon Block, Characteristic: Faster Run/Walk.
    • Fanatacism aura.
  • Weapon/Focus: KoreShira: Chain and Blade (a sacred Kamasugari-like weapon dedicated to Ceres and a chain) -- can be used as a chain and kama (just like a kamasugari) or the chain becomes rigid and it is more like a halberd or similar pole arm. Very fast attack category.
    • [entangle/+5 Extended Range/+4 Weapon Mastery/+3 Whirlwind/+2 Deadly Blow/martial arts category weapon].
  • Shield: Rare Na-Pavaise Bracer (10% chance to block, 45% chance block projectiles, blinds target, Charges of blade shield +4/extended duration +2, range +3). She uses it on the switch, when she casts blade shield it is active and Kore is a 0 range weapon, then she switches to two handed use and the na-pavaise no longer blocks weapons, while the blade shield has a 45% chance to block projectiles and has the effect of blind target and extended range.(Christmas Present from Rukh)
  • Armor: Indigo Hakima Pants/Skirt (+0 to DR)
    • (half armor), +4 Speed/+3 Reduce Physical/+2 Evade/+1 Always Clean)
    • Also as an indigo spirit shirt
  • Helm:  Brilliant Diamond Diadem (gift from Wolfie), +10 to App/Charisma, +10 to Energy, +15 to Dex, +3 to skills, Resist All 50%, +20% DR, two sockets, each with a diamond jewel (ED/Speed/AR).
  • Glove(s):
  • Belt/Focus:  
    • [+6 great leap/+5 Reduce Physical/+4 Physical Damage to Mana/+3 Resist All/+2 Absorb Damage to Healing].
  • Boots: Dragonskin Boots [Silence/FRW/Speed/Glide]
  • Jewelry
    • Necklace:  Wrath of Kore, two skills on charges:  Curse of Ceres (combined mind-blast and shockwave, Mindblast 5/Shockwave 4 a charge discharges both effects), Blessing of Ceres (an aura that increases resists and replenish es life/mana for the duration of the charge effect), regenerates charges (slowly).
    • Ares Rage (Ring) +5 IAS (increased attack speed), + 4 FRW (faster run/walk), +.3/level to min and max damage.
    • Dragon's Eye (Green Ring) Anti-chaos (level 5), Acid (level 4), Acid Resist (level 3), Inner Sight (level 2), True Sight (level 1)
    • The Dragon's Ear (earring) Increase ability to wear jewelry (one extra item) Hearing (level 3), Warning of Enemies (level 2), Anti Chaos (add level 1 to other levels, if any).
  • Misc. Trivets & Charms include an ear clip (1 point illusion/glamour, concealment manifested usually as clothes), flint and steel (fire start),  lock box, fleece blanket, rice hull pillow, light tent, Ceres Tokens (charm :+life/hit recovery; charm: +life/ED; charm +life/replenish life) cleansing stone and a fishing net, bitter king glyph (marks as a member of his adopted household), lightwalker glyph and teleport marks.
  • Indigo and Black Spirit Shirt (+0 to DR)(half armor)
  • Blood Gems:
    • Crimson blood ruby (str, life, replenish life)
    • Indigo sapphire (dex, speed).
  • Star Shrines:
    • Ianthe: stealth  (weakened cloak of shadows effect)
    • Ianthe: inner nature (Korous Arkanan): magical stealth (prismatic resist)
    • Starry Quickness/Dark: (speed/+dex/-1 reach)
  • Marks (has twelve she can use)
    • Arial in Switzerland (Ianthe's shrine)
    • Bitter King
    • Dorm Room
    • Crack in the Hills (gateway to Ancient Dust)
    • Lightwalker's House (empty)
    • City Tower

Dragonscales (transformed):

  • DR 4 levels
  • Resist all 3 levels
  • +2 skills
  • +1 characteristics
  • Both shirt and hakima are dragonscale transformed.


That is a formal painting of me.

It came about when we were in Ostend, Wolfie insisted that before we went to see the embassy for the Five Families that I get into a more "formal" look and Kore insisted that I get some make-up. So I did. They painted me up and made me look at least forty (ok, maybe not that old, but I sure didn't look like I usually do).

On the way over, Wolfie paid a street artist to render a picture of me on the rough local paper and he saved it.  Here it is.  I don't know whether to be overjoyed or embarassed at the look I have, but if you just spent half an hour trying to look cool and calm while some lady with a paint bursh put make-up on you ...  
Well, Wolfie thinks I looked elegant and refined, like someone raised in a university temple ought to look. I am just glad I don't have to wear that lipstick all the time. I told Wolfie if he didn't quit smirking he was going to get a kiss and I'd just leave the lipstick all over him instead.

KoreShira has an invisible end to its point, you can tell I was about to hit that artist with the disk bladed weight on the end of the chain if he didn't hurry up, and I'm trying hard not to grit my teeth. Later I found out it was a good thing they dressed me up and made me look older. But still, the things a girl has to go through some times.

Hmm, maybe I just need to kiss the boy, lipstick or no. Nah, just the threat will do.

Here is more of how I really looked, waiting for Kore to show up.

My story:

I was amazed to wake up and find myself facing giants.  Not that I had any reason to be afraid, after all I was armed and in the midst of a great temple.

Well,  I had been. Armed and in the midst of a great temple.  I was still armed, but the Temple, its kephalos guardians and my family were gone. We had traveled to Thera from Minos to investigate magical rumors of danger and deadly fire.  My parents and I had travelled as those of the blue lodge often do, under the cover of our other skills, my mother as a priestess of Ceres, my father as a scholar and I as a bull rider for the festival.

I was in the temple of Ceres, waiting on my mother when a great magic broke (I later learned that it was the volcanic explosion that destroyed Thera).  My mother cast a spell of safety around me and time stopped in a bubble.  I had no idea that the spell would last for over three thousand years (from about 1500 BCE to 2001 ACE) ...

The things I've learned.  Now, instead of thinking of myself as tall, and those taller than me as giants, I've learned that I am considered slender and relatively short by these people.  They no longer ride the bulls (except in something called "rodeo" -- which is definitely not sacred to Ceres!), and the secret of planting and harvesting grain is wide spread.

My tale includes how I found the sacred chain and sickle that I use in combat, how I pulled the fiery red bull from the sea, gaining my rank and my belt as a master bull rider and the history of the blue lodge which spans the worlds.

My belt absorbs physical damage and turns it into healing power and magical energy, and it resists magical attacks of all kinds.  It gives me great strength and power and supports my leaping.  The chain and sickle are strong weapons at both long and short range and the red bull is a friend I can ride and an ally who fights by my side at need.

I miss my parents and people, but am glad to know that they made it safely back to the blue lodge in spite of world rending catastrophe and that my mother's blessing is why the Rukh and the Lightwalker found me and brought me in, releasing the magic after all those years.  Those two care for me as his ward, and in their house I find peace with my memories.

cf A Continental Visit and City of Glass


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