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Ariel todayWhen Indigo wrote to describe Ariel, she said "I thought I would describe Ari (Ariel). Amber used to call her "the little girl" though petite or exquisite or maybe tiny might be better, though she is strong and quick.  This picture of her is from when we traveled across the wasteland.

I think petite is probably the best word to describe her if you can't use "nice."  Before I met her she had long hair, cut it off so she looked bald, then had a pixie cut and then she had almost a shag cut for her hair when we started. She has always been a terror with that staff in all of the forms it took. She is so sweet, though she wouldn't say so, and is the nicest person I know. There are lots of smart people and lots of pretty people (and Ari is both), but she is really, really nice. Her birthday is February 14, 1986 which made her 16 for Christmas 2002. That is Ari's real birthday, Amber just picked her birthday to match, so the two of them celebrate together.

It is because of how nice Ari's is, that I am glad she is my friend. She is good at your back too! She is slender, and has walked the star paths to their destinations. Her skin is clear, her hair is naturally frost colored, though she sometimes dyes it blond, she has a star mark on her cheek, and she often wears leggings, a light jacket/coat and her dragonscale armor, while carrying "the gripping blade" which is really a bladed staff that changes shape and size, -- it is intensely magical. Did I mention how nice she is?" 

In this illustration, Ariel wears the chain of pearls around her neck (it contains the heart of frost), leggings made from the remnant of her riding skirt, a pelise jacket with the dark torq embodied in the trim, a pearl tiara and her dragonscale armor.  She keeps other secrets as well.  She also wears Indigo's glyph and a spiral ring from Michael, the lightwalker prince of the Elachi.

Ariel is human, 5'3" or so, and her familiar is a snow gryphon.

She is short, slender with blue eyes and frost colored hair.
  • Skills
  • Special Skills
    • Lightning Storm from staff
    • Salvation Aura
    • Weapon Mastery
  • Familiar:  
    • Great Snow Griffin, Large, Combat.
    • Collar: the white torq (+6 replenish life; +5 replenish magic; +4 cold mastery), characteristic: sharpness
    • cold mastery/lower resist curse/knockback roar.
  • Weapon/Focus:  Rope Staff + Gripping Knife:  Bladed staff.
    • The weapons were combined at the roof of the world to become a bladed staff -- a staff that can be edged and with extra range.
    • [+6 poison/+5 resist poison/+4 weapon mastery/+3 IAS/ +2 return to owner when called]
    • [+5 freezing cold damage/+4 speed/+3 weapon blocking/+2 extra range/+1 cold damage/casts Blizzard when blocks]
    • -1 to replenish life (drains life slowly)
  • Shield (none, weapon is used two handed, could use a na-pavise if found)
  • Armor
    • Coat [half armor][+0 DR][+Mana/+APP/Evade+Avoid] (APP=appearance)
    • Riding Pants/leggings  [half armor][+0 DR] Evade/Avoid/Speed/+Dex/+Resist Stun; variable appearance
  • Dragonscale (transformed):
    • DR 4 levels
    • Resist all 3 levels
    • +2 skills
    • +1 characteristics
    • The spirit shirt is now a dragonscale transformed tunic.
  • Helm: Aurora [+6 inner vision/+5 avoid surprise/+4 extra speed/+3 skills/+2 Replenish Life/+1 Replenish Mana]
  • Gloves:
  • Beaded Belt: [Extra Armor & Reduce Damage % & Reduce Damage X pts & extra life]
  • Sandles/Boots: FRW/Resist Poison/Resist All/Sure Footing
  • Jewelry:  
    • Dark Torq (gift from Amber) [+5 summon dark/cold elemental/+4 Dark Mastery (cold and shadow)/+3 enhanced mana capacity]
      • Bound Dark Elementals
      • Bound Cold Elementals
      • Bound Air Elementals
    • Frost Lightning Broach:  +4 Teleport/+3 Chain Teleport/+2 Speed/+1 lightning
    • Gold Ring: +AR/Resist Death/Resist Curses/Resist Fire/+Mana
    • Heirloom Dragon rune ring [Anti-Chaos +5/+4 Ice Armor (-damage & +DR)]
  • Stash Item:  The Book of Starry Wisdom
  • Misc. Trivets & Charms:
  • Dragon Scale Woven Blue-White Spirit Shirt [+0 DR][x2 white, x1 azure/grey weave]
  • Star Shrines
    • Starry Quickness:  Increased Speed
    • Starcalled Falcon: Increased Mana %
    • Starry Path: Regenerate Life
  • Blood gems
    • Green: replenish life
    • Teal: increased mana/replenish mana

Languages:  English 95%, French 65%, Byzant (Greek Dialect) 55%, Freezing Darktongue (a language of magic) 85%

Ariel above is Ariel with her hair in a pixie cut, at the beginning of things -- after her encounter with the dragon and the finishing of that quest, but before the dreamlands with her staff resting in an illusion to hide what it really was.

Here she is after the dreamlands, with the ice falcon transformed into a snow gryphon. Her hair has grown back out..  

-- Michael as he looked in the dreamworld.

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