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Amber has had a lot of different looks. After all, she has been a shadow vampire an earth spirit and now she is the Rukh's daughter. She is blond, with yellow-red highlights (and often with her hair died red) and a medium build. Her birthday is February 14, 1986 which made her 16 for Christmas 2002 when she was about 5'5" tall with a slender build.

lightwalker glyph and indigo's glyph

English 70%/75% read; Byzant 95%/90% read (Byzant is a language similar to Mycenean Greek Koine, spoken by the people of the One Eyed King and on the plain where the six kings and their peoples are from); Arkan Darktongue 35% (Runic Dark); Runic Fire (Rukh dialect) 55% (this is her mother's native speech); Ancien 15%; French 15%.

Amber (nature spirit/rukh)

  • Skills
    • Paladin Defensive Auras
    • Fire Magic (Firewall/Warmth/Fire Mastery)
    • Hard Fire
  • Special Skill Choice
    • Spear Mastery
    • Shapechange: Flying Fire Elemental Shape
  • Merc/Familiar
    • Flame Lion: Immaterial, Combat. A great female lion of fires, burning brightly in every color fire has, depending on her mood. Bright white eyes.
    • +3 skills/+3 fire skills/+3 Fire Claws/+3 absorb fire
    • Cleansing Prayer Aura
  • Weapon/Focus (combined)
    •  Word
    • +6 ED/+5 reduce damage/+4 Fire/+3 Lightning/+2 Resist All
    • +5 speed/+4 AR/+3 Open Wounds/+2 faster cast/+1 Deadly Blow/casts firestorm when it blocks an attack.
  • Shield: fire ward cloak (+3 increase mana/+3 reduce physical/+3 absorb fire/+3 faster block).
  • Armor: dragon scale weave, white/gray and black. (full chain armor).
  • Dragonscale
    • Armor  +4 levels
    • Resist all 3 levels
    • +2 skills
    • +1 characteristics
    • The weave is full body armor.
  • Helm: Firestar Diadem (set with ring, boots, belt, cloak) +warmth/+shapechange/+spell range/+speed.
  • Gloves
  • Belt: Firestar Girdle (Faster Cast/+Mana/+Life/+Resist/+Absorb Lighting).
  • Boots: Firestar Leggings (+Speed/+Blaze when hit/+FR/W/+warmth).
  • Jewelry
    • ring: Firestar Band: +2 skills/+4 max mana/+3 Faster Cast/+2 Resist All
    • torq: Shimmering Flame Torq: +7 max mana/+6 energy/+5 DR [x10 vs surprise attacks]/+4 absorb physical
    • amulet: +4 Speed/+3 Fire/+2 Magic/+1 absorb Fire
    • ring: +6 antichaos/+4 auras/+2 shapechanging
  • Misc. Trivets & Charms:
  • Spirit Shirt: Crimson and Red. 
  • Start Shrines
    • Starcalled Falcon
    • City Heart
  • Blood Gems: Crimson

Amber now, still dyeing her hair, after the dream realm and
in the City in the South

This is Amber in her armor just after she turned seventeen.

Compare:  I'm Amber  This is amber, except she is now wearing chain mail and the sword is made of hard fire

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