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Negotiation Approach Outline
  • Introduction
  • What is Negotiation
  • Understanding Basic Patterns
  • Understanding Basic Cycles
  • Methods and Processes
  • Procedures and Guides
  • Advanced Topics
    1. Patterns and Ethics
    2. Irrational Inputs.
    3. Cycle and Structure.
    4. Feral Negotiators.
    5. Legal Frameworks and Considerations.
    6. Game Theory: Issues & Realities.
    7. Long Term v. Short Term. v. Generational plans.
    8. High Trust v. Low Trust Societies.
    9. Constituency issues.
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution Topics Relating to Negotiation
    1. Mediation: Formal
    2. Facilitation Initiatives
    3. Mediation: Transformative
  • Conclusion

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