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I can recommend all of these books very strongly once you have a good foundation -- and be aware that each book has a specific focus or advanced application. Click on each book for a description about the book.  

Made to StickMade to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die How to communicate and use ideas in ways that work.  I feel strongly enough about this book that I've given away a number of copies. I should note that I also get thank you letters back when I do that. Buy a copy for yourself, you will thank yourself for the gift.
By Chip Heath.  Available at


Renegotiating Healthcare

The Complete Guide to Mediation, Mosten  


In Association with


Basic Skills for the New Arbitrator
Alan H. Goodman

(Solomon Press)
If you're wondered what arbitrators do and what the differences are between mediation and arbitration, this book will clearly lay it out for you. It is an excellent introduction to a complete topic.  Order this book.

There are other books that you should consider if you want to make a full time profession of dispute resolution and conflict management. They are here:  Link to books on consulting.  

There are also other skills related books, especially the Gentle Art books by Elgin.  They are here: Link to books on consulting.

Finally, for negotiation and other books of interest I have a cursory section.  Those books are here: Link to books on consulting.

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