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This mediation and dispute resolution resources site contains substantial on-line materials for alternative dispute resolution and mediation.  It is arranged into the following sections:
Stephen R. Marsh
This site is by Stephen R. Marsh.
Recommended Book of the Month (other Recommended Mediation Books):

Situational Mediation: Sensibile Conflict Resolution, by Oliver Ross.  With scripts, examples and a philosophy that is easy to incorporate, Ross explains how he blends a variety of theoretical mediation approaches into a useable and intelligent approach that transfers well to divorce, employee conflicts, and other interpersonal uses of mediation. If you are looking beyond the confines of mediating an automobile collision, this is the book you should read. Available at Amazon.com.

I have a guide to building a mediation practice, centered around this book as a part of: Mediation On-Line. A Mediation Newsletter. Volume 6, #6 (Fall 2003)

conflictConflict Resolution
by Daniel Dana


This book covers everything from start to finish and it serves as an excellent introduction to the field as well as being well suited to self-help. Extemely easy to use and refer to.   Order this book from Amazon.com -- about fifteen dollars, under ten dollars used.

Amazon.com is now selling used books as well as new ones.
The used book section is well worth a visit if you want to save on books.

Mediation Essays (volume one)

This section contains basic mediation essays and concepts useful for participating in mediations and for those interested in understanding what mediation is all about. It serves as a useful introduction to the topic of mediation.

Mediation Topics (volume two of the essays)

These mediation essays discuss practical topics and advanced considerations as well as containing some historical documents relating to the spread and use of mediation in the United States and in other countries. 

Mediation Essays (volume three and volume four)

This section covers Mediation Centers: Training, Policy and Other Materials as well as dealing with advanced topics in mediation.


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