I wrote an editorial explaining how I could say to my wife "you look beautiful" in the morning and mean it.  It follows:

RE: Joe Miller

Dear Editor:

Some women have such a perfect symmetry of appearance and such a perfect ratio of proportion that to see them in the morning is to have your breath taken away. They are beautiful to the point where a man, even of Joe Miller's ability to talk, has the words taken out of his mouth. How do you tell a woman that it is the grace of her movement, the harmony of her features and the perfection of her proportion, not make-up or clothes or other things that creates true beauty and that is what you are seeing -- especially when you are at a complete loss for words.

It took me years to be able to explain what I saw to my wife when I said "good morning beautiful" or "you are beautiful." I still thank God for her. Guess Joe just needs some more time talking before he can explain what he is seeing to Liz Miller. But being tongue tied a little in the morning is small loss when compared to having a wife of true elegance and beauty. I'm sure Liz will forgive him when she understands what he really means. My wife did. And she still takes the words away from me in the mornings.

Sincerely yours,

Stephen R. Marsh

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