I wrote an editorial explaining how I could say to my wife "you look beautiful" in the morning and mean it.  A friend's wife taped it to her desk and he came to me, as she was demanding he write something similar.  This is what we put together.

I've often wondered how to tell my wife that she reminds me of a gazelle or a leopard with the controlled energy and grace she displays. We met while running a marathon and I could never explain how the incredible attractiveness she had captivated me from the moment I laid eyes upon her. More compelling than seeing her move was hearing her talk. The vitality, power and beauty she showed when she ran was overshadowed by what she was and is inside. When I heard her speak was when I knew I loved her.

I've never been able to tell her this in a way she understood until now. Reading Joe Miller's problems with telling his wife she was beautiful in the morning captured the speechlessness that grabbed me. Then, reading Steve Marsh, I realized that the secret was not in trying to talk while seeing my wife held me speechless and wordless by being around her. The time to explain to a woman why she is beautiful and what you mean when you say that is when you have a pen and paper and nothing more romantic in mind than a newspaper editor.

Dear wife, I love you and you are beautiful and this is why.

Matthew Shultz

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