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" The best indicator of whether or not we have come to Christ, or merely delude ourselves (cf Matthew 7: 22-23) is the kindness we show those we deal with, the fairness we show those who oppose us, the love we show to those who otherwise mean nothing to us.

Criticism, contention and judging others serve only to cut us off from the Spirit of God. When we criticize, contend and condemn, we bear witness against ourselves and of our own sins. Love all others. Honor parents, accept co-workers, aid those in need. Help others as the Spirit urges, and act freely to show love of your own initiative. (cf D&C 58: 27-28).

Reserve judgment. Remember that judgment applies best to yourself and is to be used as a part of repentance so that you can come to Christ. Remember that you are working out your salvation and striving not to be caught up with the hypocrites. (cf Luke 7: 37-39, 40-50 // Luke 11: 43ff)

Let love and charity be enough."

See also: James 1:26-27 and In the Day of Judgment, the King shall say . . .

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