Christmas Letter 2002

Wow! Another year has passed and many of our favorite people haven't heard a peep out of the Marsh family. Expect to hear more from us and more often as Win is finally finished with school.

27 months ago Win started her Masters in Anesthesia. The family gathered around one Monday night that August to discuss how school commitments were going to change what mom could do at home. Everyone was helpful. Everyone helped problem solve. Planned solutions were put on paper. All appeared logical. Sensible even. Go Team Marsh.

Hah! Silly us.

There have been 27 months of maternal neglect, pancakes for dinner, and sticky kitchen floors. And now suddenly school is over. And our entire family has changed. We are older. Our kids are bigger .. well .. not just the kids.

Steve changed jobs last January. It was a very good change. He works better hours and is in a happier office environment. The office is much closer to home too. He is working for Travelers doing defense work. He is still a litigator - just from the other side. They love Steve. Steve loves them. Office Nirvana.

Heather is a freshman now. She is taking some honors classes and some regular classes. She joined ROTC instead of taking PE. We were floored by that decision. But Heather is loving ROTC. She is on their non-armed Drill Team and she managed to win a spot onto the Rifle Team. She is the only Lefty and the only girl on the team. And she is just loving every bit of it. I'm sure you will get shot-by-shot accounts of her competitions as the year goes on.

Heather thinks its weird that she cannot take a gun to school. She can't even wear jewelry that looks like a weapon. But when she gets to school, they not only give her a weapon, they supply the ammunition. Ah, life in America.

Rachel will be 3 this month. She is less of a wild thing than she had been. We are grateful to see her start to calm down a bit. She was busy enough moving and climbing that her speech was delayed. 6 months of speech therapy later, she is understandable .. usually. She still cannot say TR- at the beginning of a word. She substitutes it for an F sound. As she is fairly excitable, every time she see a Truck, she shouts out, "Big Truck, Momma!" At such times, Heather takes turns trying to die from laughter, and being so embarrassed, she is sure its terminal.

We are grateful for friends who have stood by us through the many tough times in our lives. We are grateful for a year of accomplishments unmarred by death or illness within our immediate family. We are just living grateful.

Merry Christmas.


The Marsh Family
(Steve, Win, Heather & Rachel)

Misc. stuff that didn't make the letter include the attempted identity theft that the police contacted us about, the Rape Crisis Center of Colin County (I'm on the board), the Plano Children's Medical Clinic (another board I serve on), Win's Sunday School Class she now teaches (she got to be in the nursery with Rachel, now that Rachel is graduating to Sunbeams, Win is teaching Sunday School) and more about Laura, Heather's golden retriever puppy who we all love dearly. Win wrote this year's letter, but I really like my job and the house and the kids have gotten a lot more attention and time than she is letting on.  Just have to give her time and space to prepare for the boards.