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  1. This service has been discontinued.


How to Post a Web Page

This is a simple explanation, combined with a short tutorial.

  1. Download web page design tools. (A web page design tool is to web pages as a wordprocessor is to written documents).
    • I think that the best currently available editor for this type of page is AOLpress. It happens to be free, but it is also the best product for this purpose. Available for Mac, Unix or PC (Win 3.x or Win95) at http://www.aolpress.com/.
    • To upload your pages once you have designed them, I recommend WS_FTP (which was the choice of the Zoneit.com staff as well). It is free while being the best available tool for the job. Visit Ipswitch.com for more information or Tucows for free software downloads.
  2. Read the tutorial on designing a web page for a mediator.
    • The tutorial. This tutorial will take you through all the steps necessary to put together a solid four to five page web site.
    • Once you have read the tutorial, you can decide whether you want to design your page yourself or if you want to hire someone to do it for you.
    • (For design service providers -- this button will take you to a list:  link to design service providers )
  3. Create the web page (on your computer or your graphic artist's computer) decide on the name for your directory (e.g. your url: http://adrr.com/mediator/_your_name_choice_here/). Check your page with Bobby (a free verification service). Also consider checking your site with Web Garage.
  4. Contact the Service.  (Use the button immediately below).
  5. [click here]

  6. Up-load your page(s) to your space.  Register your site, starting with Yahoo. Then use the free part of Submit-It to connect with all the major directories (Submit-It is available from Yahoo).
  7. For more hints, thoughts and ideas, see the essay collection of Web Page Design for Professionals. (below) You may also want to read two essays, cached locally, on search engines. [Essay 1] [Essay 2] Finally, Lawyers will want to check some ethics materials.
  8. For why I created ADR Resources, see why.htm.

Web Page Design for Professionals: Articles, Tutorials, Links.

A Collection of Useful Essays.

Misc. FAQs for Zoneit.com and WWWBoard.

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