More Book Reviews

This time, some golden, not-so-old, oldies.

Carpe Diem by Steve Miller and Sharon Lee, Ballantine $3.95/292 pages.

This appears to be part of a series. I can't vouch for the series, but this volume is quite good and bears reading all by itself. The setting is similar to the Keltaid setting -- but without all the garbage. Mild psionics, mild future tech, an interesting plot line, personal interaction and character development make this a nice reading mix.

Centaur Aisle by Piers Anthony.

Definitely part of a series. I reread it recently and it aged well. Delightful.

War of the Maelstrom by Jack Chalker.

Hmm. I tired of Chalker totally after book one of this series. One too many sex changes, etc. Well, in the last book of the series we get Chalker's lectures on sex, morality and what is best. Different. Makes some sense out of everything.

The Crystals of Mida by Sharon Green.

Mida has now grown to be quite the series as have Ms Green's other works. Imagine a Gor novel, except the women win/do/are the ones who right should do the dominating. (I confess, I browsed it, but I did buy it and feel I read enough to get a fair feel for it.).

Changers Moon by Joe Clayton.

I confess, I like Joe Clayton's work. I found the first of the Duel of Sorcery trillogy to be intricate 1and finely worked to the point I wondered how a second volume could hold up. Book two was just as well done, though differently (and with bits of strangeness).

Well, book three does not mesh well with the plotting or the stylistic finess of the first two books. Lots of mis-leads, mythically significant characters who do nothing of significance (other than provide a point of view for the author), etc. Not a triumph. Glad I put off reading same.

Tain by Gregory Frost.

The Hound of Ulster rides again. Well done, good touch, true to the legends (more or less) and the ethos. The perspective character does not subtract from the reading.

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