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I've decided to drop out of The Wild Hunt. Things have been too busy in my life and something had to give so I dropped the activity that was the least rewarding for the time and energy it took. So long. I'll miss you. My subscription stops with this issue but my good wished continue.

Several of you have questioned my method for generating the requsits of avatars. If you remember that a requisit of 18 is 1/218, then a 19 isn't so high. Heck, in Stormbringer, a size of 25 can mean a weight of 241 pounds. Melniboneans can have INT scores of 28, POW scores of 30; Pikards can have STR scores of 26; DEX and CON can break 22 to 24. I see nothing wrong with letting players generate characters with requisits below those the NPCs get.

By the by, a better way to figure INT is GRE verbal x2 + math x1 ; divide by 100. Thus a 300/300 would give you an INT of 9, a 700/700 would give you an INT of 21 (low higher INT), etc. 760/750 would give you an INT of 23 and 800/800 would put you at 24. High, but not that high.

Yes, I'm willing to corresspond, and YES!, I do want a copy of Blade Kirk's essay's on how to approach a tank. // John T. Sapienza, Jr. (as far as I know) is the Guardian of the Hoard for Mark Goldberg & the typewriter fund. // Win was impressed with Scott A. H. Ruggels zine. (aside to Scott, please send the background material).

Glenn, on Indo-European, cf my comments in TWH 138 to Ralph Sizer. I go with the school that places turks and semites as indo-european groups. Other than that, it looks like I agree with you.

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