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Subj: Victor Garland's Journey

Date:	97-03-18 21:11:03 EST
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Originally printed in The Wild Hunt 52

This is an archtypal journey heroquest. Often a character can fall into
such a quest with no warning. It has been reenacted by Lhankor Mhy
priests, and by Issaries priests who were going to settle down.

Note, an example follows the quest outline and is necessary to making
sense of the outline.


It was by a visit from his father's shade that Victor learned of the
nature of his journey to come. Any thing of this type will fit this


Victor prepared for his journey by reviewing his cultic rituals, and by
recieving blessings (woad) and acclamation. Ritual purification is
performed at this stage.


Victor was warned, obliquely, not to forget certain injunctions. The
warning passed him by. A warning will always occur. The better the
questor, the more subtle the warning (because the questor always fails to
heed the warning).


Victor journied to a place he had not been before to overcome the
guardian there and to learn certain secrets. The questor must go some
place he has not been before.


This parallels the warning. Victor was drugged and his intelligence
dropped. He forgot certain protective rituals. It was here that he
finally interpreted the warning, too late.

This is the threshold of the quest: without it the questor has not
entered the pattern. He will suffer a random loss of a skill or magic.


Here Victor spent time among strangers. Unknowingly he set the groundwork
for his quest. The questor must learn a new skill to the 25% level at
this stage. He will need to use it later.


Upon learning the needed skills, Victor regained his lost memories and
reenacted certain events. He remembered the protective rituals. The
questor here regains his lost skills.


Upon strengthening himself, Victor used the skill he had gained to find
the way to the barrier he had to overcome to succeed at the quest.


Victor won.  He faced an evil creature and slew it.


Vitor returned home


The following example describes Ptwv Harhah's enactment of this quest.

Ptwv summoned an ancestral spirit (via the Daka Fal spell Summon
Ancestor). From him he gained a description of an ancient bane of his
family. He was blessed (asked) in the pursuit of slaying it. He then
asked for and received a leave from his cult.

He then travelled to the land of blue shadows where he had never been and
got drunk. Upon his entry into Godtime he forgot all of his rune magic.
He bested a spirit in spirit combat, fought off two wandering monsters
(he was on both the Mundane and Mythic Levels at the same time -- see The
Netweaver's Quest), and was finally found by ancestral spirits.

In return for 2 pts of POW sacraficed, the spirits gave him a 1 pt Vision
spell and taught him Punch to 25%. With the spell he was able to find a
path. He then used the Rune Magic he had toward himself, drank woad, and
fought with a chaos demon that had earlier slain twelve of his ancestors
and consumed the spirits of all. The woad (along with a lead egg he had
prepared years before) saved his life and his fist, and he slew the
demon. By slaying the demon the ancestral spirits were freed. One became
allied to him, and the others joined the list of known and friendly

Ptwv then returned to his home and cult and founded a new temple with his
ancestor as a guardian spirit.

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