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Originally presented in The Wild Hunt 39


In the battles between the Kinor and the Sea Trolls (and others) a hero arose who crossed the shimmering sea and opened a way for the "blood gods" (chaos tainted elementals formed of the blood of dying gods) to cross to the aid of the Kinor folk. This quest recreates that act and can be enacted on any of several levels. This one presents the base level of action.

Stations of the Quest

1) Finding the way. To pass the shimmering sea one must find that place where the River of Hell flows through it. This is found by summoning and mastering one of the guardians germane to both the Kinor and the river.  (three samples follow)

-- The Old Woman. A withered hag with the upper body of a woman and the lower body of an octopus. It is her power. to consume fertility magics and negate the earth. She can flee air powers. Her price is a member of power of the party.

-- The Bending Man. An old man with a boat. He is the Death Rune personified, but harmless. His price is a gold coin for each member of the party.

-- The Three-headed Dog. A dog with the head of a dragonewt, a griffon, and a man. It has the power to confuse purpose and desire and gives knowledge only with risk.

2) Passing the way. This area is analogous to the "grey zone" and has the risks of encounters associated with that zone. At the same time it is very perilous and it has the risks of meeting one of the 5 monsters that Nia'chaard had to overcome.

-- The Twisting Serpent. As a wyrm with size 30 and 26 hit points, it also can breath out boiling blood (2d6 to all in a 5m line, once per person avallawed).

-- Sea Trolls. 25% Zorak Zoran, 75% Sea Father, a runelord- or runepriest-led party of 2d6 sea trolls.

-- Alfhiem. spirits of the undead, ld8+l ghosts, 05% chance of magic.

-- Undines. 2d4 undines, 01-20 small., 21-80 medium, 81-00 large

-- Chaos Spawn. Various sea creatures with chaos features, or a chaos thing.

3) Breaching the gate. To liberate the blood gods from their bondage it was necessary to overcome the gate-focused Truth/Fire. The gate is of one order stronger than the party.

4) The Return. To return one must re-traverse the shimmering sea and battle with Korlinth guardians (as men, +2d6 to POW, -ld6 CON, armed with reaping blades and 3pt armor) who were not pleased at the gate's being breached. Other perils the same.

5) The Binding. The hard part. It is one thing to release a creature from prison, establish a path it can follow, and return home with it and the guards on your tail. It is another thing to cause it to serve you. The blood gods can only be bound in the mundane world; to be free they must either serve or slay the one who released them. The binding will occur as soon as one touches shore or one is greeted by a person left behind. If it doesn't occur one must fight the blood god(s) released. To bind requires a roll similar to alliance with a spirit. This is modified by the preparations made by the binder.

Suggested preparations include:

-- Returning to shore at a prepared place of power -- add its rating to your POW score.

-- Knowing the name of the one to be bound -- add 5% (the names are all the same from the lst).

-- Use of a lewis lariet -- add 5% if successful in physically binding, 10% if it remains tied.

-- Successfully encountering and mastering all of the guardians and 5 monsters -- add 35%.

Notes about the quest.

The Blood Gods (# determined by how many times the gate is breached, ld2 per time)

STR 3d6+2
CON 3d6+2
INT 2d6+8
POW 4d6+8
DEX 3d6+2

Apparent SIZ is also 3d6+2. Melee is that of any of the 5 elementals (depending on which god the blood was from -- lunar blood gods might also be possible), and they have two chaos features. If bound, they impart one of these to the binder. The form they take is random and can be determined when they are bound, otherwise they are stuck with a random form as long as they are in the mundane world (once they take a form, it remains the same: they lose their flux when they enter this world). They will serve once for every 5% margin the binder had upon them and then flee to their kin in the mountains.


Lunars may consider this quest.

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