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Subj:	Breaker of Bricks
Date:	97-03-18 21:10:59 EST
From:	ilium@juno.com (Stephen P Martin)
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Originally presented in The Wild Hunt 42

This quest recreates Renallien's escape from the Mostali, his destruction
of the Barrier of Bricks, and his return with stolen strength. It has
three stations, each of them very difficult but possible even for
characters of the lower levels.

The quest begins with a man or man-rune tied individual being enslaved by
Mostali. This usually means being assigned to the mines near Burnt
Mountain and the chance to enact this quest. The necessary preparation
includes knowing the legend of Renallien (one of the Daka Fal myths) and
having recieved first stage initiation into a Man Rune cult (including
Daka Fal). This will allow entry into the lower levels of myth and a
knowledge of what to do while in them.

The first station is the escape. This can be split into two parts, one
necessary in the mundane world, and one mystically important. The mundane
part is a successfull escape from the mines. The "mystic" end is escaping
through/to Burnt Mountain. To successfully do so requires facing the
perils of the Mountain:

-- 1) Scorpion Men. The scorpion men that live on the mountain are a
mundane peril that the Mostali have left in place. They have no place in
the myth, but do pose a significant risk to an escaped slave.
-- 2) Earth Elementals. Certain of the Mostali have established earth
elemental patrols upon the Mountain to discourage people from enacting
this quest. The odds are that one will encounter from 1 to 4 on the way
up the Mountain.
-- 3) The Mostali of Smoke. These are the victems of Burnt Mountain and
the ones whom Renallien slew as he made his escape. They were once very
powerful, but now are as base type Mostali made of smoke (one-half the
hit points and weight of dwarfs). Each one encountered and slain will
yeild up a point of STR to his slayer.

The next stage is the breaking of the Barrier of Bricks. This is a broken
Mostali holy place at the peak of the Mountain, where they once attempted
a great ritual. Perhaps it would have succeeded, perhaps not, but
Renallien ruined it forever by breaking the Barrier. The Barrier is one
of mundane bricks, but they must be broken through by hand. Each breaking
through of the Barrier weakens the reality of the Mostali of Smoke, which
means that they will not allow an easy passage here.

The final station is the return. The Barrier has several properties which
will give clues to what it may have been and what it serves as now. Those
who pass through it after breaking through with their bare hands will be
healed of all their wounds and will lose their scars (a rebirth). They
will also be cast out of myth to the mundane world at the location of
their choice.

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