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Subj: The Netweaver's Quest

Date:	97-03-18 21:11:31 EST
From:	ilium@juno.com (Stephen P Martin)
To:	Ethesis@AOL.com

Originally presented in The Wild Hunt 55

This is related to both Arachne Solara and Cragspider. And, it can be
reduced to random tables.

a -b1-c1-d3-e1
'   '  ' /
'   ' /  
' /

The above diagram is the web/net weaver's quest. The goal is to succeed
at each stage and get to the end. A failure cuts the knot and forces the
quester back. If an entire tier of reachable knots is cut (for example,
the quester progresses to C2, then fails at C# and at B2. Since there is
no return, there is no longer any place to go) the questor falls out of
the web into the world of chaos. Three failures will ruin the web.

Releasing the knot will strand the releasor in Godtime. Arachne Solara
initiates will know many of these webs, and walk them all.

The following is a variant of the above (with comments) suitable for
members of any cult.

Most heroquestors will qualify for (and sometimes enter) this pattern by "accident". A shaman who risks branching, anyone who gets the first knot of the net from Cragspider, or someone who has traversed an interlocking web of quests, all qualify for this quest. The usual method is to gain a single knot net. Purification Various purification rituals are available. The one used determines which branch is traversed, and how safely. This quest will assume entry without purification -- sudden and unanticipated. Entry 1) while walking through a road intersection (a knot of the web) 2) when ambushed (major event of sudden nature) 3) when sleeping (partially shifted) 4) next place of power (forces toward entry succeed here) 5) next assimilation of a secret technique (gateway into secret world) 6) next meditation (drawn into knot of the web) Portal Guardian 1) friendly, known guardian of cult (or fetch) 2) mundane monster(s) (in "true" form -- trollkin become Mistress race trolls, etc.) 3) elemental forces (elementals, nymphs, etc.) 4) Grey Zone inhabitant -- roll randomly (see HeroQuest Notes) Benefit A) Enters the quest B) May sacrifice for 1 pt. Rune Magic (roll randomly) (if so, enters the first knot of questions net) Encounters (strong local quest patterns) 1) day 1, 2, or 3 of Hill of Gold (fighting a team) (see The Hill of Gold) 2) day 1, 2, or 3 of DrepnerQuest (while on plain of Prax) (Nora's Quest) (see the DrepnirQuest) 3) dancer 1, 2, or 3 of Blue Moon (while searching for Blue Moon) (see The Blue Moon HeroQuest) 4) enemy 1, 2, or 3 of Hellmouth (while searching for the heart) (see Hellmouth) 5) enemy 1, 2, or 3 of Waha's Beastquest (while travelling) 6) random encounter from Storm Mountain (while climbing) (see Stormwalk) Benefit Any specific benefit hained from that encounter. If no benefit follows, may "sacrifice" a point of POW for a 1 pt. Rune spell related to the nature of the creature(s) overcome. (Investing POW to strengthen that pattern, abstracted into normal RQ mechanics.) Three Encounters Resolution: Spirit Conflict This is an attempt to bind a spirit into the strands of the web (just as the abilities/spells are the knots). It involves possible betrayal and definite bondage of a spirit. This is not the type of form a spirit would willingly be bound to. 1) 3d6 POW 3d6 INT 1) Friendly (free chance to ally/betray, then neutral) 2) 4d6 POW 3d6 INT 2) Neutral (attempts to reduce POW) 3) 3d6+6 POW 3d6 INT 3) Hostile (attempts to possess and bind heroquestor in net) 4) 5d6 POW 3d6+3 INT 4) Chaos Tainted (attempts to possess. Has chaos taint) (Will give to net's user if desired) 5) 4d6+6 POW 3d6+3 INT 6) 6d6 POW 3d6 INT Return 1) to place from which questor began 2) 3 days' journey down any mystic road 3) to a holy place 4) to a personal place of power 5) to Sky Fall Lake (which acts as a magnet) 6) to a random location related to one of the encounters This quest starts the heroquestor's net or web. Each knot contains a spell or power that can be used by the questor. The net/web recharges itself on a weekly basis (while Rune Magic generally requires meditation or return to holy places to recharge). The net is extended by additional quests, and can be used to enter patterns (each knot is tied to the branch of the quest on which it was gained). Each gamemaster will have a personal choice of which quests to include in the Encounters section. This has been set up to use materials in print (c.f. the other heroquests on this Web Page). It has also been set up for ease of decision and branching by the gamemaster. Here is a sample of the quest. 1) Entry. Mountain Thunder (an Orlanth/Stormwalker Rune Lord-Priest) rescued Dawn Wind from the Fishermen of Sky Fall Lake. In the process he slew a budding heroquestor and took from him a magical knot. He attuned himself to it (as per a magic crystal; see Elder Secrets). 2) Portal Guardian (mundane creature/mythic foe). On the way back to Boldhome a band of trollkin ambushed him. Suddenly, he found himself on a different level fo reality facing a Mistress Race troll. He slew her, breaking her back in hand-to-hand combat. He grasped the net and virtue passed from him into it, binding a Shield 1 spell into the knot. 3) Encounter (from The Hill of Gold HeroQuest). Pressing forward on the mystic plane he found himself at the feet of Zorak Zoran and Orlanth, facing a Great Troll heroquestor. Blasting it with Lightning and then iron, Mountain Thunder wins and binds a godgift into the web, giving any person attuned to the web 7 pts. of STR. In this case only Mountain Thunder is so attuned; another would have to rewalk this path to gain the power. 4) Encounter (from the Stormwalk HeroQuest). As Mountain Thunder continues he finds himself on Storm Mountain, and casts aside his armor. In sylph form (an ability of the Stormwalker cult), using 4 pts. Of Rune Magic, he slays a large salamander. The knot at this stage contains the ability to summon that salamander. Henceforth, Mountain Thunder takes only half damage from non-rune metal weapons (a specific Storm Mountain benefit which accrues if the quest is done without wearing armor). 5) Encounter (from the DrepnirQuest). Mountain Thunder then faces Morocanth of Bone and barely survives through use of a Lightning Spear and Divine Intervention. Not wishing to lose power (for a Rune spell), he binds the partial immunity to non-rune metal weapons into a knot. 6) Spirit Conflict. Finally, Mountain Thunder faces the chaos spirit Agarntaar. Knowing this battle was to come, Mountain Thunder is prepared with Rune and Battle Magic. Agarntaar's POW drops from 21 to 3, and so it is bound. Its chaos taint of inflammability is discarded (and remains waiting for someone bound to chaos to claim it), and the web now has a POW of 21 and an INT of 14. 7) Return. As Mountain Thunder drops from Godtime, he finds Dawn Wind binding the last of the trollkin with an entrancement. To his surprise, he finds only three minutes have passed. Comments on The Netweaver HeroQuest (in response to questions asked by Marc Lukens) >From The Wild Hunt 57 (after The Peachwood Quest) There are many heroquest patterns in Dragon Pass, which is one reason (among others) the Hero Wars started there, By use of the Netweaver's Quest, a questor moves among/between them. An intentionally built net can be started at many different points. Where it connects can be semi-random. However, it can only connect so many times. Thus, the individual is limited in his/her attempts to build the net. Going back to an earlier stage, in this quest, means returning to the last knot made and starting out again. The return has no practical effects except for book-keeping purposes. As with most heroquests, foes are usually drawn from enemy heroquestors, enacting their own journeys. The Netweaver's Quest weaves its way through the many mythic patterns of Dragon Pass, sweeping up all in its path (though only for a moment). An enemy Great Troll on the Zorak Zoran version of the Hill of Gold quest (see The Hill of Gold HeroQuest) can be bound into a questor's Net if he is defeated, because the Netweaver's pattern impinges upon all of the local quests. The creator of the Net has full use of all of its bound abilities. So, in the example, Mountain Thunder can use the net to summon a salamander, cast Shield 1, and draw on the spirit's magic points. (I assume he cannot use its INT to store spells, or can he?) While holding the net, his STR is increased by 7 and he takes only 1/2 damage fromnon-rune metal weapons. Note that the owner of the Net may very well gain spells and abilities otherwise unavailable to him. Also, Divine spells bound into the Net "recharge" of themselves, without requiring the questor to meditate at an appropriate holy place (the net functions as its own holy place, so to speak). If the questor leaves the Net and later re-enters it, he starts at the last knot he or she was on, as if it was the first knot. They then work to expand the Net. If the owner is killed and another obtains the Net, they must attune it to gain any use of it. This involves them starting at the first knot and going through all of the encounters, which are enacted normally (except that the new questor does not need to re-bind powers or spirits into the Net). If they successfully complete all of the knots, they gain full use of the Net, as if they had created it, and can expand it normally. Finally, the Net can be used in both the mundane and mythic worlds. In the Godtime, it can be used as a weapon (a net) in addition to drawing upon its bound abilities. It can also be used as a Gateway into any of the quests it touches. On the mundane plane, it is useable solely as a source of magic (somewhat like the magic ring used by Merlin in the second Amber series, by Roger Zelazny). In a low-entropy campaign, a gamemaster could limit it to use solely in Godtime. ----------------------- Headers -------------------------------- From ilium@juno.com Tue Mar 18 21:11:03 1997 Return-Path: ilium@juno.com Received: from x10.boston.juno.com (x10.boston.juno.com []) by emin20.mail.aol.com (8.6.12/8.6.12) with ESMTP id VAA28231 for <Ethesis@AOL.com>; Tue, 18 Mar 1997 21:10:59 -0500 Received: (from ilium@juno.com) by x10.boston.juno.com (queuemail) id VJA01568; Tue, 18 Mar 1997 21:07:57 EST To: Ethesis@AOL.com Subject: The Netweaver's Quest Message-ID: <19970318.180836.2087.9.ilium@juno.com> X-Mailer: Juno 1.15 X-Juno-Line-Breaks: 0-2,4-13,19-20,22-23,25-27,32-34,37-48,50-55,57-59, 61,63,65,67-71,75-79,83-84,86-87,89,91-103,109-110,114-117, 121-122,127-128,135-136,143-144,148-149,155-156,159-161,163-165, 168-169,173-174,177-178,185-186,196-197,206-207,214 From: ilium@juno.com (Stephen P Martin) Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 21:07:57 EST

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