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Subj: HQ Notes by Steve Marsh and Greg Stafford

Date:	97-03-18 21:11:02 EST
From:	ilium@juno.com (Stephen P Martin)
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>From The Wild Hunt 41

Within the realms of the gods (in/upon/on the mystical plane of
faerie/legend/myth/etc.) there are various levels of reality. These
levels are differences in power and also, to an extent, differences in
location. The following is a brief excursion through them...

The World.

The Mystical Level. The net upon which the world is woven. Known of by
2-3 gods if any (see The Netweaver's Quest)

The God Palaces. Where the gods reside and where they hide their secrets.

Audience Regions. The near areas such as Valhalla, Ullr's yew dales, the
throne of God (the mythical level). Heros and einherjar are here.

Spectator Regions. This is where the ones who almost made it bask in the
glory of power. The runelords and runepriests and such are here in

Surrounding Areas. Lesser spirits are encountered here and minor centers
of power dot this area (the magical hearths of lesser gods in the

Land of the Dead, This is a buffer zone surrounding the above like a
haze. It in here that the initiates and lay members go to work off their

Wild Lands. The area where the unchecked powers and beast aspects of gods
run wild. It is the savage buffer between the gods and the Godtime, and
only great ones and psychopomps can travel it safely.

The Grey Zone. The buffer between time and legend.

The World.

Greg Stafford's example of this in action:

`-The Yelmalio party is heroquesting in the lands of the air gods. They
are in the legendary region and they are scented by the train of the Wild
Hunter who dwells there. He has full powers here including his einherjar
(or hirthgar -- an archaic term for for companions or bodyguards), 
wind walk, and power centers, The questors tear free of
the outriders of the Hunt, but are not prepared to battle the Hunter
himself, and so escape. Instead of retreating into the Land of the Dead
in an attempt to hide in the mundane world, they wisely flee into the
crowds of storm citizens in the Castle of the Storm (the Wild Hunter
would have slain them all in the Grey Zone).

Here the bullying Wild Hunter is constrained from mayhem and murder, and
his other duties draw him off. The Yelmalions are In perilous straits as
they have not been able to do any preparatory magies and soon find
themselves fleeing a brawl with a storm bull who died on the Hillquest
(Stormwalk? Hill of Gold? Other?). They suceed in hiding amoung the
faceless masses, but this costs them most of their gold (which was giving
them away).

Their goal is the Tower of Tempests in which Orlanth dwells and stores
magic. Here some of them hope to beg while others bargain and steal in an
attempt to got a Telekinesis spell from that god...-'

The use for this approach is to cover the results when a party leaves the
pathway of a quest. As in the quest given earlier in this  zine (see
Assassin HeroQuest) -- what happens if the party does not go straight as
they zip through hell.

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