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Subj: Uleria Path (very brief)

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Originally presented in The Wild Hunt 48

The Classic "Sacred Marriage" (hero/king to goddess)

One follows the boggle pattern. Each of the "Holy Days of the Season" the
quester must triumph (Truth, Illusion, Change, Stability, and Order are
the classic barriers).

Having passed the five stations of power the hero qualifies. He must woo
Uleria (either herself, a demi-urge, or a rune priestess of her cult) and
through the holy time recreate the Creation, the Darks (symbolic of death
and loss of the consort), the Release of the Sun (rebirth -- see The
Lightbringer Quest), and myth within Time. This rejuvenates the
heroquestor/king and finishes the cycle. Note that the questor truly dies
and is reborn during the course of the quest.

This cycle is not powerful in Dragon Pass (Orlanth is a different cycle,
as is Yelm in Dara Happa and the Red Moon in Peloria), but useful . . .

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