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A work-up proposal for Diablo 1.5 -- Fallen Angels

Ok, assume, for a moment, Diablo 1.5 <g>

What you want is a game that can be generated to run off of the Diablo/Hellfire engine and a game that continues the plot and promise of the end story for Diablo.


"You've traveled long and hard roads and been through many changes. Finally you've learned of a monastery dedicated to Azriel, which may have the key to the puzzle you seek to unlock .... You arrive and find that the forces of hell have overthrown Azriel's citadel and imprisoned him therein. From a lonely monastery/fortress overlooking what was the island paradise of Azriel, brave crusaders seek to free him.

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gold value of equipment + level -> player choice if on edge (if player chooses easier level, equipment/level downgraded, if player chooses harder level, equipment/level upgraded).

difficulty levels:

initiate (new character)
hero (hit points x 50) (level 10-20 modestly equipped)
superhero (hit points x 200) (level 20-30 moderately equipped)
saintly (hit points x 500) (level 30+ well equipped)

Game Setting

Armory (Griz replacement) (heck, use the AI for Griz, just cut out the gossip)
Library (Cain/Adrea replacements -- one at each end)
Market (Wirt)
Training Field (functions as a storage area for stuff you aren't carrying)
Infirmary (Healer)
Infirmary Ward (Farnham)

Gameplay area: Island

Boat to Swamp (uses Caves mapping algorithm)
Rats, Ratmen, naiads, dryads, mermen, alligators, snakes.
(swamp levels use the algorithm for generating caves, but trees & moss & swamp)
Bridges between swamp levels.
Bridge Guards (uniques -- have a unique and a band seeded at each "stair" out)
Bridge "fortress" between 2nd and 3rd level (a succubi) -- i.e. the bridge is in a room/lair with a succubi (Bright Death) as the guard (the replacement for the Butcher). At the highest difficulty level, she drops Lightforge, at lower levels the Light Sword and the Bright Sword (+20% more light, +10 to dex + Light Sword).
Water Elementals and Uriel at the end of the swamp (Uriel is in a room with the opening to the Caves/Tunnels, guarded by corrupted Water Elementals and a few Vipers). Uriel drops Uriel's bonds (a chain that ~ flail/staff Arch Angel & plentiful water elemental/Bone Spirit. + difficult, of the Sky, of the Heavens)

Caves/Tunnels above swamps (bridge shows up from monastery to tunnels)
(Look like "goat levels" -- the Catacomb mapping algorithm)
Goat Demons, Zombies & other undead (tougher), clean-up crew types, kobalds, and such.
Earth Elementals Fire Shield (fast blocking, resist all 40%, 20 AC, +1d6 fire damage when you hit or to those who hit you). Fire Sword (Champion's Sword of the Heavens, +d10 fire damage). Earth Bow (Composit Bow/Champion's Bow of the Zodiac, + Bear).

Corrupted Cathedral at the top of swamps (portal from monastery to Cathedral)
(Cathedral levels - lots brighter -- many places burning)
Imprisoned Angels - in place of shrines. When released, all in room are affected by result.
Fire Elementals Dark Crown of the Pit (-30% light, -5% resist, AC 1, -3 all characteristics, wearer has infravision). Rod of the Pit (Blood Star, Plentifull, +3 to all 4th level spells, -3 all characteristics), Amulet of the Pit (+100% to damage in hand to hand, AC +5, vampire's, -3 to all characteristics)

Cloud Fortress where Quest Angel imprisoned
(use hell level algorithm -- in blues and whites).(+20% light)
Storm clouds, etc. A miniquest core at each level (Lord of Bones, Lord of Spiders, The Corrupt Arch-patriarch, and the final gateway with the unholy twins).
Air/Storm Elementals (angel's ring of the heavens, arch angel's ring of the heavens, King's Bow of the Zodiac, Bright Angel's Crown of the Heavens [+30% light, Angel, 20 AC, resist all 15%, +5 all characteristics, +5 per level of difficulty, Godly Full Plate of the Leviathan, Godly Shield of the Leviathan, True King's Sword of Haste).

Final battle ("unholy twins" - twin detuned Diablo-like monsters),  entering guarded gateway releases Azrial who takes the soul stone and promises that it will be kept safe at the Monastery of Dread.

End Story

You have found liberation and peace. Now you can retire, secure in the knowledge that for now, the world is safe. Until the next mortal succumbs to temptation and releases the dark lord, your work is done.

.... leading up to my revised backstory for DiabloII ....

You awake in the middle of the night with a feeling of dread and despair.  Evil power washes over the land.  You have a vision of Theopolis, the Hierarch of the Monastic Dreads and Azriel's High Priest.  You never trusted him and now you know the terrible truth -- as a result of his corruption, Diablo is free again! You feel twistings of magic and curses warping through you.  The world has changed and not for the better.

This is an easy to program, cosmetic shift with extra quests, sort of expansion (similar to Hellfire). Instead of going down into Hell, you climb up into the clouds.  Different window dressing, barbarian, bard/ranger (female), monk, fighter, rogue, sorcerer, and probably 30 new monsters (and all the old ones tossed in the randomizers) .... but basically a two-three month project.

And, it provides more consistent script continuity.

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