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The Book of Drastic Resolutions

Come, turn the page. You know it's the right thing to do, the only thing to do. The knowledge you seek, the power you need, are contained within its unfriendly pages. Learn what has been forbidden, not for your protection (as those who would control you claim), but because they wished to keep those secrets for themselves. What is the cost, you ask? Only a token, the smallest portion of your essence. Nothing you can't afford to pay, surely. After all, of what use to you is your soul, really?

What is The Book of Drastic Resolutions?

The Book of Drastic Resolutions is the most Infamous of Gloranthan texts on chaos. Destroyed by Arkat in the 1st Age, it was Rediscovered or Rewritten in the late 3rd Age. Its author was Excommunicated for Corruption of Chaos, for it contains extensive information on the Creatures and Cults of Terror. It is illustrated with ancient Star Maps and arcane Symbols, and Blasphemous Spells are rumoured to be held within its Unfriendly Pages.

Volume Chaos

Welcome to The Book of Drastic Resolutions, yet another fanzine dedicated to the world of Glorantha. Inside Volume Chaos you will find four chaotic cults and twelve cult outlines (like those in Lords of Terror), two fully-developed chaotic NPCs, and notes on Scorpion-men, Walktapi, Thanatar, Krarsht, and the Crimson Bat, among other chaotic creatures and daemons.

Articles on chaos runes, the nature of chaos, death, and betrayal are supplemented by statistics for thirteen new creatures, as well as twenty-two new spells and skills, most of which have never been published before! For those who needed more Chaos than was provided in Dorastor: Land of Doom and Lords of Terror.

Volume Prax

Welcome to The Book of Drastic Resolutions, yet another fanzine dedicated to the world of Glorantha. Inside Volume Prax you will find three cults and ten cult outlines, plus notes on four published cults. Articles on the flora, geography, culture,and mythology of Prax are supplemented by descriptions of twenty-two creatures, thirty-four magic items, and thirty-five new spells and skills. Short fiction, errata and new units for Nomad Gods, and a long out-of-print HeroQuest by Greg Stafford round out the contents of this book.

Come, join us.

Strap on a sword and helm, paint on your protective charms, straddle that creature with your knees and lean into that lance, the hell with the outcome, CHARGE!

On the Future

The next issue of The Book of Drastic Resolutions will be the long-awaited Troll and Darkness volume. Current planned contents include cult write-ups for Kogag, a Scorpion Deity, Inora, and the troll version of Asrelia and Ty Kora Tek; many Spirit Cults, Hero Cults, and Demon Cults; pages of troll myths and legends; more giant insects and troll monsters; darkness Plunder, fungi, and dark elf potions; and a number of troll and trollkin NPCs.

Will I dare to print a new version of the Cult of Kyger Litor? Only time will tell.

After Volume Darkness, I have not yet decided what area of Glorantha I will concentrate upon. Because of large amounts of material available, Volume Water seems most likely, concentrating on the many islands of the Gloranthan oceans.

Suggestions for other topics are solicited. Anyone interested in submitting articles to The Book of Drastic Resolutions should email me at the address listed below.

Where can I find The Book of Drastic Resolutions?

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