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Before you send E-mail to Steve Marsh

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Caveats and Warnings:

Deadlines are extremely important in most legal matters. You may lose important legal rights if you do not hire an attorney immediately to advise you with your legal needs. Many people, including many attorneys, do not check their e-mail daily, and some attorneys do not respond to unsolicited e-mail from non-clients. Unsolicited e-mail to me does not create an attorney-client relationship.  This is especially true as I work for a captive firm and do not take private clients.

Do not rely exclusively on the internet to find an attorney. Very few attorneys have a presence on the Internet. You can miss some of the best attorneys available by limiting you search for an attorney to the Internet. The best way to select an attorney is to ask friends, relatives, co-workers, and other people that you trust for referrals to attorneys they have worked with. If you must search for attorneys on-line, you are no better off than if you were checking yellow pages listings. Just because something is on-line does not make it better or imply an special expertise. Yahoo is one of many places you may choose to search.

I do not provide any legal advice over the Internet. I am licensed to practice law only in the states of  Texas and Utah and am not active enough in the Utah State Bar to be comfortable answering Utah Law questions any more. I cannot respond to inquiries regarding the law of other states. In addition, I currently limit my practice to narrow areas of focus in a captive setting and cannot respond to general inquiries regarding legal issues or to non-clients.

Warning: Electronic mail is not confidential. You should never send confidential or sensitive information by electronic mail (or by voice mail, fax, or ordinary postal mail) except in the following circumstances:

  1. You have a pre-existing relationship with the person to whom you are sending the communication, and that person has a contractual or other legal obligation to keep the communication confidential; and

  2. You have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the communication cannot be intercepted (for example, you have verified that only the intended recipient can read the email or listen to the voice mail) and, in the case of email, you have encrypted the email so that a third person who intercepts it cannot read it.

Do not provide any confidential information to someone by electronic mail or voice mail if you are not certain that the person receiving it will maintain the information as confidential. Do not post confidential information in a message sent to an internet/usenet "newsgroup," or to an internet "mailing list" or "discussion group" or any "listserv."

For example, if you are seeking legal advice and you send email to an attorney whom you have not already retained, you may later discover that this attorney represents someone else in the same case, and the attorney has a duty to disclose your information to that client. Although communications between an attorney and client are confidential, your communication is not confidential if you are not the attorney's client or if your communication is made in a setting where others are likely to receive it.

You should recognize that electronic mail may be stored and forwarded through several computer systems, and it is possible that someone may (legally or illegally) read your email and disclose it to someone.

Any e-mail sent to me is sent with a waiver of confidentiality and a waiver of privacy.  You do not become my client by sending me e-mail and I can not agree to keep any e-mail sent me confidential.  By sending me e-mail you agree that I may publish it, reproduce it and share it in any platform or way without any duties or limits and  you transfer all rights and title in the e-mail to me.

Finally, nothing on this site is intended to function as legal advice or to establish an attorney-client relationship with anyone.  All of the material on this site is intended for the use of professionals who will realize that the law changes and that positions and conclusions, especially those of an editorial nature, drawn in the past may not be the law as it is now or as it will likely be.

Further, a performance copyright is retained as to any and all actions that may be taken based on material on this site.

If you are writing to ask about careers in mediation, please read the FAQ first.  Thanks.

If you are a judge or a researcher with questions about certification issues, please read Comments on certification, panels, etc. first.  Thanks.

UPDATE:  spammers destroyed my e-mail server.  Because I have a four letter domain, they send tens of thousands of e-mails to non-existant addresses in the hope that addresses such as "dave@adrr.com" will result in someone on the other end.  Since this site does not generate any significant revenue stream (notice the lack of advertising?), a the cost of externally filtering the e-mails was too much for my budget.  As a result, I no longer have my adrr.com based e-mail account.  Yes, some four letter domains are worth over two hundred thousand dollars and generate significant revenue. This one is not one of them -- if you could find me a buyer who would pay more than two hundred thousand dollars, I'd pay you a commission of twenty percent on every dollar over two hundred thousand and move all my content.

To send e-mail to Stephen R. Marsh, send it to ethesis (at) aol (dot) com -- I've had an AOL account ever since GNN was swallowed by AOL and ceased being the only ISP with a point of presence where I lived.

Note that Stephen R. Marsh is no longer in private practice (I am employed by a captive firm) and has no outside legal practice.  The only service I offer besides public speaking is pro bono mediation.  I used to work for a down town Dallas firm that was large enough to meet the needs of most clients.  It handled litigation, IP (including patent registration and IP litigation), family matters, provides mediation services, transactional work (of which I know absolutely nothing about, I was one of the litigators), criminal defense, immigration (one partner had a full time immigration practice) and entertainment law (two of the attorneys there worked for networks and had handled a number of entertainment clients).

The same caveats apply about law firms that apply to individuals and businessmen. The only constant is change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.  If I could predict the future, I would be in the stock market, not in the business of cleaning up other people's mistakes caused by failures to read the future correctly.

Copyright 1997-2003, 2007-2008 Stephen R. Marsh All Rights Reserved.  Yes, I had to change my e-mail address in 2007.

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