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Mediation On-Line

A Newsletter from ADR Resources
Date: 97-12-16 14:46:43 EST
From: Ethesis@AOL.Com (Ethesis)

I've decided to collect the newsletters on-line.  So far I just have two of them, but ....

Great new web site:  Negotiation Class A complete on-line negotiation workshop by Professor Jayne Zanglein of Texas Tech's Law School.  I found it very interesting.

I've added some new ethics related material at and at  I'm looking for some good questions to address in follow-up essays and for submissions of ethics related materials to put on my site.  If you've written an essay, or have some questions/comments, I'd love tohear from you.

If you want to promote an on-line site, a great free newsletter is available by sending a blank e-mail to [subject subscribe]  Jim is the one who showed me how to set up the button to allow people to request this newsletter.

There are serious questions about the value of on-line marketing for mediators.  There are some serious questions about just how valuable an on-line presence is or isn't for a mediator.  I've surveyed a large number of mediation providers.  The only ones who report any results from their web sites are in either Chicago or New York City. Both have rather simple on-line presences.  One provides "classic" mediation services (i.e. "court annexed" mediations), the other mediates divorces (rather than litigating them, the parties go to the provider for a mediated divorce experience).  I've collected many of the comments I got in response to my surveys at  Gvien that, the $25.00 a year I charge may seem too high.  There is currently a good alternative.  If you want a free site at a location that is not currently "too large" (i.e. large enough to have exclusion problems with search engines -- like tripod or geocities), try or

On the other hand  I am still running a site and intend to keep adding material and comments.  I find it very valuable to me.  For the site that [claims it] has generated the most business, visit Common Sense Mediation.  [Update, March 2000 -- that site now returns a 404 File Not Found error]  For one of the nicest looking sites, visit Consulting & Conciliation Service.  This site is a great template for anyone considering a site.

Common Sense Mediation is a "mediated divorce" practice.  For an excellent book on how to set up such a practice, including the right advertisements to run, the geographical limits of where you can successfully run such a practice, etc., Texas Lawyer sells Marketing & Maintaining a Family Law Mediation Practice.

My site had a brief period when it could not be reached on 12/30/1997 while the service was upgraded.  There are now three redundant backbones connecting it to the internet.  My apologies to anyone who was unable to reach me.

This newsletter will be short, but I wanted to send along the examples and the sources.

Best regards,

Stephen R. Marsh

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This wasn't in the version I e-mailed out, but I thought I would pass along, on my site, this message from Dave Moon, who provides me with some invaluable services.

Subj: Happy Holidays From Mediahog Communications!

Date: 97-12-23 12:03:48 EST
From: (Dave Moon)

Happy Holidays from Mediahog!

As you might know it's been a short but powerful year for us; we've just begun to pour our foundation. Next year we are introducing, continuing work on Travelhog, (Design for the travel industry) including our own brand of quote software and user-administrable travel database. Also we are introducing DarkTrader, an online live weekly auction for sci fi merchandise and collectibles to show off some of our programming and multimedia skills (How fun!).

You will expect to see our re-sellable services grow next year so other communications firms and Web developers can expand and profit from our strengths and growing versatility. We are also taking our experience on America Online to build and supplement development services for the online service under our name.

Something New: We've recently added services for non-profits and our announcements for our pro bono schedule in 1998.

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry Christmas, joyous Hanukkah and a very very happy and prosperous new year online and off.

Very Best!

Dave Moon & the team at Mediahog

Mediahog Communication


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