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A Newsletter from ADR Resources
Date: 97-12-16 14:46:43 EST
From: Ethesis@AOL.Com (Ethesis)

This is the first of my newsletter from ADR Resources (

First, and most important, I am always looking for content. If any of you have written papers for classes that you would like to see published to the web, let me know and I will be happy to put them up. is an example of an essay by another author that I posted -- it includes full credit to the author, web page and e-mail links, and as much biographical information as he thought appropriate.

I'd love to see material from all of you. For material a little less formal than papers and published essays, see

Second, I am always looking for feedback on what essays visitors would like to see added to the site and for topics to write on. Most of the material on the site has seen publication in one journal or monthly or another. If you have any comments, suggestions or advice, I am very grateful for it.

Third, we've recently added sites for Ginger McCarthy and Anthony Chelte to provides a list of currently hosted sites. (Mr. Chelte's site is brand new, so give him time to upload pages to it). I'm always glad to have new visitors to the site.

Fourth, in the middle of September I was able to have the statistical reports for the site exclude calls for graphics so that the number of hits reflected "real hits" (pages brought up and read) rather than "system call" hits. By the first week in October "real hits" were over 4,000 a week and the number has increased since then. "Front door" (home page) hits have run about 400 to 500 a week (with the exception of a couple fluke weeks when they broke 800).


(a) if you do not want to be on this mailing list, let me know and I will take you off immediately. I'm trying to send this *only* to people who expressed an interest. If you've changed your mind, let me know and I will gladly remove you.

(b) I appreciate your patience in waiting for the newsletter. (many of you signed up a while back). I've had some legitimate excuses for delay, but that doesn't change the fact that you've had to wait. loss is my personal home page that explains what I've been up to.

(c) I am looking for comments and feedback on the topic of how on-line marketing has worked (or hasn't worked) for people. If you have any comments or stories to tell, let me know.

(d) I prepaid the hosting service for the next year's costs, so this site will be up for at least a year <g> and I'm hoping that it will be up for longer than that.

Regards and best wishes for the season,

Stephen Marsh


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