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A Newsletter from ADR Resources
Volume 7, #4 (Fall 2004)
From: srmarsh (at) adrr (dot) com


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The "tit-for-tat" strategy of negotiation just got beaten decisively by other approaches in the most recent negotiation competition. for the story which is both more and less than it appears.

See also:

I've been delayed by two things.  First, a strange system failure where my hard drive was readable under Win98 but not WinXP and a corrupted back-up set which cost me a great deal of material for the newsletter.  Second, I wanted to wait until after the election to write again.

Help Needed/Employment Openings

Visit for some interesting listings.

Interesting new Mediation & ADR (and other) web sites and useful links:

Mediation Blogs (the above are interesting sites, below are blogs and related sites on mediation only; warning though, most bloggers wander all over).


I've been reading _Beyond Neutrality_ by Bernard S. Mayer.  In a very approachable way the book collects every criticism of the ADR field and discusses them.  The author notes that most ADR professionals have to sell training in order to survive and that the market for training is producing people who have no hope of employment.  For the processes where there is reasonable reimbursement, attorneys have taken them over and while the ACR has issues and is extraneous to the lives of most of its members, the ABA ADR section is thriving. As for being a successful mediator or facilitator that parties are satisfied with, experience alone (not training or expertise in the area) seems to be the controlling factor -- creating huge barriers to entry (cf page 60).  He explains convincingly where and why mediation is rejected (e.g. pages 86ff) and makes the interesting criticism that "Transformative mediation in my view is not really a different approach at all ... it is a particular kind of facilitative approach with an agenda about what ought to transpire ..." I'd never thought of transformative mediation that way, but I find myself unable to formulate a reply to the thesis that the core of transformative mediation is imposing an agenda about the interpersonal interactions that occur -- that it is far more directive and controlling than most other forms of mediation in that regards, without concern for the desires of the parties or whether the approach will resolve the conflict.

The book would be valuable for the broad ranging discussion of current issues, problems and currents of thoughts.  But Mayer goes beyond the milieu to suggest an approach and a direction he feels may revitalize ADR professionals.  Just as attorneys have taken over neutrality, he suggests that conflict resolution professionals should take over advocacy since most conflict takes place far away from contract drafting and courtrooms, in the realm of consultants, specialists and advocacy.

Obviously I think well of the thought of marketing ADR in all of its venues the same way other consulting services are marketed (and I will keep suggesting to ADR professionals that if they want to succeed from a business standpoint they need to learn sales and consulting marketing skills has been on my website for a long time. I'm also waiting on an article about providing consulting and corporate training services from the guys at National Mediation.  It seems like I've waited a long time for that too [insert emoticon here ;)]).

Bernard S. Mayer offers a consistent, intelligent and direct vision, with thoughts and discussions on implementation, for moving the career path of dispute resolution beyond its current status quo. _Beyond Neutrality_, 312 pages, Jossey-Bass/John-Wiley and Sons 2004.  Available used at for under $35.00.

I am looking forward to Crucial Confrontations.  It is due out as a successor to Crucial Conversations.  I'll be reviewing it when I pick up a copy.  I liked Crucial Conversations a great deal, so I'm quite hopeful about the book.

I am working on a book on negotiation and a 40 hour training book. I also need to finish a long standing project for an article, I just need to decide where I want to publish it (which will control how I finish it out).

Employment is a great collection of links.

For a current opening: With support from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame invites applications for Visiting Fellowships in its Program in Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding (PRCP) for the 2005-06 academic year. Fellowships are open to senior and junior scholars in the humanities and social sciences, as well as religious leaders and peacebuilding practitioners, of any nationality. For the class of 2005-06, the program encourages applications addressing program themes in the context of the Middle East.

Further information and application instructions are available under Visiting Fellowships on the Kroc Institute's Web site at <> or by contacting Rashied Omar, PRCP Coordinator, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, 100 Hesburgh Center for International Studies, P.O. Box 639, Notre Dame, Indiana 46556; phone: (574) 631-7740; e-mail <>.

The application deadline is November 15, 2004.

A positive development is that legal studies departments are hiring people with ADR backgrounds.

Final Comment/Current Issues

I'm fascinated by the expansion of ADR into Legal Studies programs and its continued growth in law schools.

I've also some thoughts from a recent problem we had at home.  My house is in the migration pathway of some carpenter ants.  Every-so-often they attempt to migrate into and colonize my master bathroom -- often more than one group (which leads to carpenter ant wars).  I had someone just suggest poisoning them and another suggestion that I backtrack them and find the source(s).  What I did was seal up my house a little tighter and pick up some fungus shrimp (there is a natural fungus that kills carpenter ants and it comes in a shrimp bait).

Now, every time they manage to swarm through a window open for the night air or some similar invasion, they find the remnants of the last ants, consume them (carpenter ants are aggressive scavengers) and are overcome by the fungus.  It is a naturalistic and enduring solution where poison would have merely killed the instant group of ants and the environment will never be free of migrating swarms.

Often there are "organic" (as in a part of the system) methods that produce enduring resolutions. ADR systems can be like that, reducing conflict and sowing the seeds for the resolution of future conflicts as well.

Submissions to

As always, I am interested in any submissions or articles anyone would like to have posted on the web -- and I am glad to be able to point them out in this newsletter.  I prefer to post material as you have written it, with no editorial changes by myself.  srmarsh (at) adrr (dot) com is the best e-mail address to use to reach me, though I sometimes am not able to check my e-mail for 3 or 4 days.

With my best regards, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Marsh
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Job Announcements

Distributed November 7, 2004

by Deborah Schick Laufer

Director, Federal ADR Network

Phone: 301/JUSTICE

Fax: 301-587-8584

** Please keep your e-mail and contact information up-to-date***



NVMS is looking for volunteers to assist with this year's High School

Mediation Conference. We are really looking forward to this year's

conference and greatly appreciate your help! The High School Conference is

on Tuesday, November 23rd from 8:30 am to 1:15 pm at George Mason University

in Fairfax (building Sub II and at the end of this e-mail I provided a link

for a map and directions to George Mason) BUT you would only have to be

there from 8:30 am to 10:15 am.

We are looking for volunteers to facilitate small group discussions during

the opening session. Your role as a facilitator would be to lead a

discussion between approximately 9-12 high school peer mediators from

different schools regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their program

and problem solve with each other regarding the obstacles that they have

with their programs. On the day of the conference, you will be given a

sheet with these discussion questions listed on it. We are going to ask the

schools in advance to have the students think about these topics ahead of

time so that your job will be easier. Lastly, you will also be given a

sheet in order for you to take notes on the discussions that occur at your

table so that we can eventually send out the notes from all the tables to

all the schools so that the peer mediators can learn from every school's

peer mediation program (not necessarily just the schools they had at their

discussion tables).

If you have any questions or would like to participate please contact me at

703-993-4394 or

Link to George Mason University Map and Directions:

Shauna Carmichael

Community Mediation Coordinator

Northern Virginia Mediation Service

4260 Chain Bridge Rd., Suite A-2

Fairfax, VA 22030

Phone: 703-993-4394

Fax: 703-993-3551





Position Available: Project Coordinator

Michigan Supreme Court

State Court Administrative Office

Office of Dispute Resolution

Salary Range: $50,947.20 to $66,231.36

DUTIES: Reporting to the Office of Dispute Resolution Director, the

Project Coordinator coordinates specialized areas of mediation that are

offered through Community Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP) centers.

Essential duties include but are not limited to:

Overseeing all aspects of administering the Access and Visitation

grant; implementing family division and probate applications of

mediation (divorce, guardianship, conservatorship, permanency planning,

juvenile); providing technical assistance to CDRP centers; serving as

liaison between CDRP centers and courts to develop referral systems;

developing public education materials and mediator training for

specialized domestic relations and probate mediation services; serving

as liaison to Alternative Dispute Resolution organizations to promote

coordination of ADR initiatives; assisting the ODR Director in other


LOCATION: Michigan Hall of Justice, Lansing, MI

SKILLS: Bachelor's degree in Conflict Resolution, Public

Administration, or a closely related area.

Master's degree or Juris Doctor preferred and three to five years of

experience involving domestic relations mediation, project development,

and evaluation methodologies.

Please e-mail your cover letter and resume as a word or word perfect

document to

Or mail cover letter and resume to:

Human Resources

Michigan Supreme Court

P.O. Box 30052

Lansing, MI 48909

The application deadline is November 30, 2004.



Transformation Consultant

Washington, DC / Northern VA

Experience Desired: 5+ Years

Degree Level Desired: MA / MS / MBA

The Company: Founded in 1994, Transformation Systems Incorporated (TSI) is

an award-winning, HUBZone-certified, woman-owned small business

headquartered in Blacksburg at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center

with bases of operation in Washington, DC and Richmond, VA. Services

include: organizational change

facilitation; strategic and implementation planning; professional

development training; and organizational results measurement. For more

information about TSI, please visit

The successful applicant will join a highly motivated team of innovative

professionals who utilize leading edge development methodologies and

applications to deliver world-class workplace transformation solutions. This

is a fastpaced environment appropriate for adaptable, entrepreneurial-minded


The Position: The Transformation Consultant position is a critical role

within TSI, requiring both consulting and change management skills.

Successful Transformation Consultants are able to work on multiple client

deliverables while coordinating with various internal TSI staff and external

clients and maintaining a high level of customer service and quality. Work

projects will include the design, development, and delivery of

organizational change facilitation; strategic and implementation planning;

professional development training; and organizational results measurement

solutions for TSI clients.

The successful Transformation Consultant will be expected to have strong

interpersonal, analytical, problem-solving, platform delivery, and report

writing skills, enabling him or her to develop and deliver outstanding value

to TSI clients. Work will include various transformation consulting

projects related to TSI methodology, such as design, development, and

facilitation of measurement systems, planning systems, and learning systems

that promote positive change for TSI clients.

This position is based in the Washington, DC / Northern VA area and will

require a daily commute to customer locations in Southeast DC and other DC

area locations. The position entails engaging with professional staff,

middle managers, and senior executives. Work will take place at client sites

and at the Transformation Consultant's home office.

Responsibilities include:

*Developing and delivering quality project deliverables, including

one-on-one interviews and working meetings; small group process

facilitation; large group process facilitation; and training workshop


*Acting as an internal subject matter expert, providing support to internal

team members on TSI solutions and service offerings.

*Contributing to the on-going development of TSI solutions, intellectual

property, and best practices by identifying new opportunities, collecting

data, and developing TSI's body of knowledge.


The ideal candidate will have relevant applied industrial and organizational

psychology, industrial and systems engineering, and/or business

administration experience and superior interpersonal and written

communication skills as well as an ability to define problems and implement

a complex deliverable. Viable candidates must have an ability to lead and

adapt to change, work effectively with people from different backgrounds and

cultures, and have a strong customer focus. A professional image, a fun

outlook, and a commitment to achieve individual, team, and company goals are

all a must as well as a strong drive for results. A Master's Degree in

Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Industrial/Systems Engineering,

Business Administration, or a closely related field is required. Strong

knowledge of

MS Office applications is also necessary. TSI is an equal opportunity

employer, committed to developing a team of diverse professionals. If you

are interested in becoming part of our team, please e-mail your resume to




Director of Operations

U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution

**Applications will be considered beginning 11/15/04. Position open until



The U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (U.S. Institute) is

a federal program established by the U.S. Congress to assist parties in

resolving environmental, natural resource, and public lands conflicts. The

Institute is part of the Morris K. Udall Foundation, an independent federal

agency of the executive branch overseen by a board of trustees appointed by

the President. The Institute serves as an impartial, non-partisan

institution providing professional expertise, services, and resources to all

parties involved in such disputes, regardless of who initiates or pays for

assistance. The Institute helps parties determine whether collaborative

problem solving is appropriate for specific environmental conflicts, how and

when to bring all the parties to the table, and whether a third-party

facilitator or mediator might be helpful in assisting the parties in their

efforts to reach consensus or to resolve the conflict. In addition, the

Institute maintains a roster of qualified facilitators and mediators with

substantial experience in environmental conflict resolution, and can help

parties in selecting an appropriate neutral. (See for more

information about the Institute.) In the six years since it was established,

the Institute has built a reputation for impartiality, integrity, process

expertise, inclusion, and responsive service to all parties seeking

assistance. It values collegiality and collaboration in its internal


Position Description and Hiring Qualifications


An individual with a minimum of five to 10 years of senior management

experience is sought to fill the new position of Director of Operations for

the U.S. Institute, which has a total staff of 21 and a projected budget of

$3.5 million for FY 2005. The Director of Operations, who will report to

the Chief Operating Officer for the Morris K. Udall Foundation, will be

responsible for the day-to-day operations of the U.S. Institute, including

management of professional and administrative staff and implementation of

programs to ensure attainment of strategic and internal goals. The Director

of Operations will work closely with the U.S. Institute Director, who will

focus on vision, strategy, external relationships, development of

initiatives in environmental conflict resolution, and business development.

Detailed Duties and Responsibilities:

*Oversee implementation of all U.S. Institute programs.

*Participate in developing long-term program direction, policy and strategic


*Analyze current staffing, financing, operations, policies, systems and

procedures, and develop, recommend, and implement necessary changes.

*Recruit, develop and oversee orientation and training of staff in light of

anticipated needs.

*Oversee human resource activities, including employment, employee


compensation and benefits, training and professional development.

*Serve as a representative of the U.S. Institute in negotiating agreements

for services.

*Identify key program, financial and operational performance standards

against which the U.S. Institute's performance can be evaluated.

*Work closely with the Institute director; keep Institute director informed

of program activities.

*Work closely with the CFO on financial, accounting, and budgetary reports.

*Work closely with the U.S. Institute director and the CFO in preparation of

the annual budget.

*Serve as a member of the Foundation's executive management team, which

considers institutional policy issues.

Required Qualifications:

*Five to 10 years of senior management experience.

*Familiarity with collaborative decision-making and alternative dispute

resolution (ADR) processes.

*Demonstrated abilities in managing the day-to-day operations of a program


business, including personnel management, budget development and


*The ability to accurately analyze financial data, communicate that to


and implement appropriate actions, within staffing limitations, to achieve

revenue goals.

*Leadership skills, as characterized by the ability to develop a common

vision with other members of the Foundation staff, communicate effectively,

and take responsibility for ideas and actions.

*A facilitative management style that emphasizes teamwork, communication,

collegiality, flexibility, and perspective.

*The ability to delegate effectively, while still maintaining oversight over

operational and financial affairs.

*Demonstrated excellence in oral and written communication skills.

Preferred qualifications:

*Federal management experience, including supervision, human resources and

workplace ADR.

*Sufficient understanding of IT applications and systems to provide

recommendations regarding allocation of IT resources.

*An advanced degree in business or public administration, finance, or other

fields appropriate to a role as a senior manager.


The expected salary range will be between $85,000 and $95,000, plus federal

benefits. While the position is within the federal government, it is

considered excepted service and not career civil service. Relocation costs

to Tucson may be reimbursed, depending on circumstances.


Send resume, reference information, and salary history to:

Chief Operating Officer, Morris K. Udall Foundation, 130 S. Scott, Tucson,

AZ 85701, or via email to, or via fax to 520-670-5530.

No phone calls, please. Applications will be considered beginning 11/15/04.

position open until filled. Equal Opportunity Employer.



Courtesy of FPMI



In conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month, Office of Personnel Management

Director Kay Coles James has launched another series of federal recruitment

fairs on university campuses nationwide, the first taking place at the

University of New Mexico.

"OPM joins all of America in commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month," James

said. "We celebrate the contributions of Hispanics to help make this country

great while ensuring opportunities in federal government continue to be

available to all Americans. A high quality civil service draws from the rich

diversity of this nation, and although there is more to be done and more

that we expect in terms of assistance from our partners in the private and

non-profit sectors, we are making progress."

During the month, OPM will also host recruitment booths and conduct

information sessions at Montgomery College in Rockville MD, and University

of Texas at San Antonio in San Antonio to encourage the next generation of

job seekers to work for America. The university locations were chosen to

specifically reach out to richly diverse cities.

"We will continue our nationwide recruitment initiative to bring the best

and brightest America has to offer into the federal workforce," James said.

"The student fairs are a part of an overall recruitment initiative that

provides an opportunity for students and other job seekers to acquire

information on jobs in the public service."

Earlier this year, OPM visited Albuquerque, Tucson, San Antonio, El Paso,

Miami, San Diego and New York, and participated in the 2004 League of United

Latin American Citizens' National Convention in San Antonio. OPM also

deployed senior executives nationwide to share the opportunities for Federal


The fairs feature a government-wide USAJOBS booth showcasing jobs throughout

the Nation. OPM volunteers will also be available to assist students with

navigating the website, and to provide assistance in

applying for the hundreds of opportunities available in the Federal


James pointed to the fact that "aggressive outreach is achieving results",

noting a number of positive trends found in the FY2003 Statistical

Information on Hispanic Employment in Federal Agencies, a report given to

President Bush to provide an accounting of the outreach efforts of each

Cabinet-level department and major agency.

The data showed Hispanic representation in the federal workforce has

increased overall, with increases in management and senior levels:

- Overall, the number of Hispanic new hires increased in FY2003 in the

mid-management and senior management grade levels;

- Hispanics in the Senior Executive Service and other senior pay levels rose

from 504 in FY2002 to 524 in FY2003, a 4 percent increase;

- Hispanic new hires in 2003 represented nearly 10 percent of all federal

new hires.



Position: Director of Governmental Relations

Institution: Florida Atlantic University

Location: Florida

Date posted: 10/8/2004

Florida Atlantic University is seeking qualified candidates for the position

of Director, Governmental Relations. The Director is the University's

liaison to elected representatives appointed officers, governmental agencies

staff, legislative bodies at the city, county, state, and national levels,

quasi-governmental organizations, nonprofit and for profit organizations.

Responsibilities include, but are not exclusive to, promoting and

maintaining an up-to-date awareness of all legislative and congressional

activity pertinent to the interest of Florida Atlantic University and its

constituent institutions, promoting effective communication and interaction

with legislators to inform them of university concerns and positions

regarding pending legislation. Position requires a Bachelor's degree in an

appropriate area of specialization plus 8 years of appropriate experience;

or, a Master's degree in an appropriate area of specialization plus 6 years

of appropriate experience. Masters degree preferred. Distinguished record of

extensive experience with an institution of higher learning or comparable

institution also required. Five years of direct governmental relations

experience preferred. Must have superior oral and written communication

skills and ability to work cooperatively and collegially. Must be able to

develop creative solutions to complicated, delicate problems, demonstrate

capacity for self-motivation, strategic thinking, project initiation and

follow-thru, and ability to work quickly and well under pressure. The salary

for this position is competitive and commensurate with qualifications and

experience. Must be flexible with work schedule as position requires evening

and/or weekend hours.

Please Note: Position requires valid Florida driver's license and criminal

background check. Position is Open Until Filled, however candidates are

encouraged to submit credentials by 10/22/04, as Search Committee will begin

resume reviews and the interview process at this time.

To Apply: Send cover letter of interest focusing on qualifications and

characteristics of the position & reference position #991331, current

detailed resume, and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of at least

five professional references. Nominations of applicants will be accepted.

Please send application or nomination to: Florida Atlantic University,

Employment Office, 777 Glades Road, P.O. Box 3091, Boca Raton, Florida

33431-0991 or email as a single attached word document or .pdf file to For further description or information please visit or call 561-297-3058

(Voice/TTY) Equal Opportunity/Equal Access

Categories: Executive directors, Other professional fields, Public


Contact Information:

E-mail :

Phone : (561) 297-3058

Employment Office

Florida Atlantic University

777 Glades Road

Boca Raton, FL 33431 - 0991



Position: Professor and Director, Program in Law and Public Affairs

Institution: Princeton University

Location: New Jersey

Date posted: 10/8/2004

Professor and Director

Program in Law and Public

Affairs at Princeton University

Princeton University seeks a distinguished scholar who will hold a faculty

appointment and be director of the Program in Law and Public Affairs.

Cosponsored by the Politics Department, University Center for Human Values,

and Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, the Program

in Law and Public Affairs will support teaching and scholarship at Princeton

that focuses on how legal systems, institutions, and practices affect

justice and order in and between societies, the well being of individuals,

and the operation of public policy.

Princeton invites applications from excellent scholars, whatever their

particular discipline, whose teaching and scholarship addresses both

empirical and normative dimensions of law and public affairs. Appointment is

expected to be made at the level of tenured professor. The successful

candidate could be

appointed in both the University Center for Human Values and the Woodrow

Wilson School, jointly between the Woodrow Wilson School and a department

(such as Politics), or solely in the Woodrow Wilson School, as is

appropriate to the expertise of the candidate. To apply, send a letter of

interest, curriculum vitae, and the names of three referees to:

Chair, Search Committee for

Program in Law and Public Affairs

Woodrow Wilson School of Public and

International Affairs

Robertson Hall

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544, USA.

The Search Committee will begin considering applications November 1, 2004

for appointment in July, 2005.

Princeton University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

For information about applying to Princeton University, please link to

Contact Information:

Web Site :


Search Committee for Program i

Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International

Robertson Hall

Princeton, NJ 08544



Director, Office of Human Resources at USPTO

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a cutting-edge

organization dealing with intellectual property issues around the world, is

seeking a high-performing professional to serve as its Director, Office of

Human Resources (OHR), GS-0201-15.

The position is open to current federal employees with status, reinstatement

eligibles, displaced employees in the local commuting area and the general

public. The USPTO is a fully user fee-funded organization with an annual

budget over $1.3 billion and an overall staff of 6,700 comprised largely of

engineers, scientists, and attorneys. The USPTO operates as a

performance-based organization, plans to recruit and hire more than 900

employees next year, is quickly transitioning to electronic end-to-end

processing of both patent and trademark applications, and by early next year

will be fully located at its new state-of-the-art headquarters in

Alexandria, Va.

The incumbent has primary responsibility for managing a comprehensive human

resources management program, including recruitment and staffing; position

classification; compensation and employee benefits; policy development;

employee relations; labor relations; and enterprise training. The incumbent

is responsible for planning, organizing, and overseeing the activities of

the OHR; and setting and adjusting long- and short-term priorities,

including taking the agency lead in developing Human Capital Management

policies to implement the USPTO's 21st Century Strategic Plan.

The Director also is responsible for managing the OHR budget; overseeing the

implementation of automated personnel systems; ensuring accountability and

achievement of target goals; and developing methods to measure the

achievement of human capital objectives.

The OHR's vision is to deliver world-class, innovative, and

results-orientated service. OHR's mission is to design and implement HR

strategies to achieve USPTO's business objectives, in consultation with our

partners and customers, and to facilitate innovate approaches using

integrated systems and technology to sustain a high performing workforce.

For further information about the position, visit



PricewaterhouseCoopers Centre for Entrepreneurs and

Family Business

Family Business Specialist, Connecting family and business

The PricewaterhouseCoopers Centre for Entrepreneurs and Family Business has

an opening for a full-time specialist to provide succession planning

services to our clients in the Ottawa region. The ideal candidate will have:

· an LLB; · several years of business-related experience, including prior

experience working with family businesses; and, · experience in Alternative

Dispute Resolution (ADR), particularly facilitation.

The PricewaterhouseCoopers Centre for Entrepreneurs and Family Business

helps family-owned businesses in the area of succession planning. Through

facilitated discussions, we assist families in addressing and resolving the

difficulties inherent in a family business due to the interrelationship of

business, ownership and family issues. The Centre complements the other

services our Firm provides including tax and estate planning, and


PwC is committed to building a diverse workforce representative of the

communities we serve. Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. If you

are interested in applying, please forward your resume, by November 12,

2004, quoting reference #317, to: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, 99 Bank

Street, Suite 700, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 1K6. E-mail:

For additional information on PricewaterhouseCoopers, please visit our Web

site at:



visit our

for openings in Human Resources -- excellent assistance with placement


Polygon Plaza

2050 Center Avenue, Suite 550

Fort Lee, NJ 07024




Position: Sociology & Criminal Justice

Institution: Bluffton University

Location: Ohio

Date posted: 11/3/2004

Bluffton University invites applications for a tenure track position in

sociology and criminal justice beginning fall 2005. PhD in Sociology

preferred; ABD or terminal degrees in related or applied disciplines

considered. Commitment to excellence in liberal arts education and to social

justice. Willingness to focus in the applied areas of sociology such as

criminology, conflict resolution and mediation, sociology of law, race and

ethnic relations. Highly desirable: undergraduate teaching experience;

employment or consulting experience in the justice system, particularly with

conflict resolution, mediation and restorative/community justice; interest

in general education and the liberal arts and in building bridges between

academic disciplines; interest and energy to initiate departmental

activities beyond the classroom; and a desire to be involved in

collaborative research with colleagues and students. Ability to teach a

variety of sociology and criminal justice courses is required. Preference

will be given to applicants who can teach introductory courses, criminology,

and race and ethnicity. Additional responsibilities will include

availability to students for academic advising and informal mentoring,

coordination and supervision of off-campus internships and practicums, and

typical university committee responsibilities. Responsibilities of all

faculty include teaching courses in the general education curriculum, which

emphasizes an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts and

sciences. Compensation commensurate with education and experience within the

university pay scale. Consideration of applications begins January 1, and

continues until an appointment is made. Bluffton is a growing,

Mennonite-related institution committed to and shaped by that historic peace

church tradition (see

Send letter of interest, curriculum vita, three letters of reference

(submitted directly from referee), and official transcripts to Elaine

Suderman, Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs, Bluffton

University, 1 University Drive, Bluffton, Ohio 45817-2104. Members of

under-represented groups are encouraged to apply. EOE.

Contact Information:

E-mail :

Phone : (419) 358-3360

Fax : (419) 358-3323

Elaine Suderman

Adm. Asst. for Acad. Affairs

Bluffton University

1 University Drive

Bluffton, OH 45817 - 2104

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