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Proposal for a Conflict Management/Dispute Resolution Program Curriculum

This program anticipates an undergraduate minor and a graduate certificate/masters degree program.

Introductory Classes (2 semester hours each of credit)

  1. Introduction to Conflict Resolution
  2. Introduction to Negotiation
  3. Basic Skills/Personal Peacemaking

These three classes are great for basic introduction to conflict resolution for freshman and sophomores.

Intermediate Classes (3 semester hours each of credit)

  1. Introduction to Mediation (45 hours of class room instruction and lab)
  2. Introduction to Arbitration (45 hours of class room instruction and lab)
  3. Diversity Issues
  4. Campus Mediation

These make up good intermediate classes, once a student has a foundation.

Advanced Classes (2 or 3 semester hours each)

  1. Facilitation (2 hours, with lab)
  2. Intermediate Negotiation (2 hours, with lab)
  3. Family Mediation Training (3 hours, with lab)
  4. Health Care Dispute Resolution (3 hours)
  5. Hospitality Dispute Resolution (3 hours)
  6. Employment Law Dispute Resolution (3 hours)
  7. Labor Law Conflict Management (3 hours)
  8. Change Management (3 hours)
  9. Advanced Negotiation (3 hours, with lab)
  10. Marketing Yourself as a Dispute Resolution Professional
  11. Transformative Mediation
  12. The Law of ADR

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