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Volume 4, No. 2.
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(Useful links are in the body of the essay)

There are five paths to teaching dispute resolution and conflict management. These paths are discussed with some detail (or links to the right details) below or at other places on this site.

  1. You can teach ADR in a law school setting.  I've previously provided an essay on how to do that.
  2. You can develop a program yourself, starting with the continuing education program at a local university.
  3. You can obtain a graduate degree that applies to dispute resolution.
  4. You can obtain a PhD in Business Management Science with a focus in Conflict Resolution.
  5. You can branch out from whatever you are teaching in an undergraduate program in a university -- basically adding a class on the psychology of conflict, negotiation in the dispute resolution area, etc. -- depending on what your department is.  

A useful book or two to get through interlibrary loan and then to buy (if you found the book worth keeping) might include the following five books on how to teach and how to adjust as a new faculty member.  Visit the web pages for the books before ordering them through your library and get them through the library to look at them before buying to keep.

Teaching Tips    Advice for New Faculty Members    An Acedemic's Handbook    The Chicago Handbook   Effective Teaching

More Books and Links Related to Teaching

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