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A Newsletter from ADR Resources
Volume 3, No. 5.
From: Ethesis@AOL.Com (Ethesis)


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My recommended site to visit this month is  Everything you need to know about the CRInfo site.  I'm very pleased to see the progress it is making.

CRInfo (information/explanation material)

The Conflict Resolution Information Source ( is a cooperative effort to strengthen the conflict field's information infrastructure, funded last summer by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The goal of CRInfo is to create an online clearinghouse for conflict resolution information for students, teachers, intermediaries, managers, activists, advocates, journalists, and disputants. Although we will be creating some new material to fill existing gaps, most of CRInfo's work will entail collecting, cataloging, and annotating currently existing resource materials–print materials, online materials, and networking information (such as information about people, organizations, activities, events, training opportunities, etc.). Extensive databases listing such materials are currently being compiled, and will start to go online at in about a month. These databases will be browsable and searchable using a variety of tools. Individuals can also customize the material they see first and can sign up for topic-specific e-mail newsletters by indicating their areas of interest on an online form.

In addition to its core resource databases, CRInfo is sponsoring several "focus projects" to work in particular areas in more depth than others. The initial three focus projects, currently underway, are 1) a project on conflict management in higher education, 2) a project on culture, community, and conflict, and 3) a project collecting the "core knowledge" of the field.

A fourth focus project on public policy and environmental conflicts will be starting this summer, and proposals will be solicited for further specialized on-line projects in the summer or fall of 2000. Many other ways to participate in CRInfo are also available. We invite people to go to the website to learn more about the project and how to participate in it. We also invite people to begin using it as a source of conflict resolution information, keeping in mind that what is currently available is but a small fraction (and in an entirely different format) from what will be there in a month or two. Keep watching!

Interesting new Mediation & ADR web sites

A reminder.  If you receive this newsletter, and if you have a web site, please send me the url to look at. I'm actively adding personal mediator's sites at (when I find time) and value referrals and suggestions about good sites in order to mention the sites in this newsletter. 


A simple facilitation book that was recommended to me (and that I have not had time to check out) is:

> Meetings That Work! (1994)
> Richard Y. Chang & Kevin Kehoe
> ISBN: 1-883553-18-0

Anyone have any experiences with the book?

On Employment and Professional Organizations


The US News and World Report ranking of Law Schools according to their specialty in Dispute Resolution. Here are the top 10. The listing does not include academic ADR programs other than those that are part of the law school curriculum.

1. Harvard University (MA) (Has a strong continuing education program)
1. Ohio State University
1. Pepperdine University (CA) (Has a strong continuing education program)
1. University of Missouri–Columbia (Has Bobbi MacAdoo -- the initial Hamline University ADR coordinator.  Also has an ADR LLM program).
5. Willamette University (OR) (Puts out a wonderful on-line update on the law of ADR).
6. Hamline University (MN) (Has a strong continuing education program)
7. Georgetown University (DC)
7. Northwestern University (IL) (Has the ABA Scholars program)
9. University of Texas–Austin
10. New York University


1. Where was George Washington's LLM program on this list?
2. What about the University of New Mexico's program?

Interesting to compare the "top ten" with last years "top five."

Current Issues

I've had some questions about ADR programs or distance learning for Costa Rica.   To quote:  "My question is if you know of any University (maybe Southern Methodist, Duquesne, Columbia or other), that would be interested in at least considering the possibility of teaching a graduate course in Costa Rica--maybe using some form of "at distance" methodology, by means of electronic facilities."  Anyone with information, please contact

Submissions to

As always, I am interested in any submissions or articles anyone would like to have posted on the web -- and I am glad to be able to point them out in this newsletter.  I prefer to post material as you have written it, with no editorial changes by myself.

With my best regards, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Marsh
Additional material is included in the on-line version.
If you are curious where the term/name Ethesis comes
from, visit

Back issues at

If for some reason you wish to be removed from my periodical mailings please let me know. If I'm sending anyone extra copies or sending it to anyone who shouldn't be getting it, please let me know. This e-mail mailing list is supposed to be limited only people who would be interested and who have subscribed.  Thanks for your patience and help.

Post Script (the "extra" material for the on-line version).

Novasoutheastern has really expanded their programs!

The School of Social and Systemic Studies Homepage is:

Dispute Resolution Homepage is:

Family Therapy Homepage is:

The Verbal Self-Defense Newsletter

The Verbal Self-Defense Newsletter presents information on verbal self-defense for speakers of English, covering topics such as: Theory and practice of verbal self-defense How to disagree without being disagreeable The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense system Verbal self-defense as a martial art The link between verbal violence and physical violence The link between verbal self-defense and wellness The link between verbal self-defense and success Establishing and maintaining a healthy language environment Hostile language and verbal self-defense in languages other than English

The newsletter is written and published by Suzette Haden Elgin (Ph.D., linguistics; author of the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense series), and will appear every other month starting in January 2000. It will be available by e-mail only, in plain text -- no HTML, no whirling gewgaws -- and is free to members of the World Verbal Self-Defense League Network (annual dues, $5.00). For more information send an e-mail to; a sample issue will be posted at in January 2000.

Note: Elgin has published this material as one section of a print newsletter since September 1981 (as a publication of the Ozark Center for Language Studies); she is now converting that publication to five e-mail newsletters.


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