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A Newsletter from ADR Resources
Volume 3, No. 1a, September1999
From: Ethesis@AOL.Com (Ethesis)


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Three important updates.

First, I have switched over to Listbot.  This will automate registration for the free newsletter and unsubscribing from the newsletter so that I no longer will need to do those manually for each subscriber.  

Second, I would like to ask for some help and some suggestions.

The editor of Camara, the first spanish language mediation and adr oriented law review, is attempting to start a mediation center establish a Mediation Center in Huaraz-Peru, a ciity in Peru. The Regidor of Municipality of Independencia in Huaraz has offered the furniture, desks and an office but there is no money to finance the center.  

Contact information is as follows:

Telephone numbers:  0514762871; 0513722131.
Fax number:  0514636952
Current address is Miguel Iglesias No. 109 Lima 34 Peru

The proyect of establishing a Mediation Center in Huaraz is for 3 years. They would like to (at some point) expand to establishing a Mediation training center for community mediation services.

The estimated financial need is aproximately between $30,000.00 and $45,000.00 a year with the goal of being self financing after three years.

I have worked with Carlos Zambrano Aranda on several projects and have been very impressed with he and with Camara (in the next two weeks I will have the first two editions in .tiff/.gif format on the web the same way that the Federal Courts/Pacer have their papers).

Third, I am working on an essay on the cultural implications of ethics codes.  There have been some very interesting developments that reflect strongly on several ethics codes -- I have serious reservations about positions I used to take for granted as essential.


Stephen R. Marsh

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