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A Newsletter from ADR Resources // April 30, 1998/May 1, 1998
From: Ethesis@AOL.Com (Ethesis)


The on-line version of the newsletter at has job openings, some expansive conference descriptions, and some recommended training groups in California.  It has been a busy month and my thanks to everyone who has provided information, suggested links or provided content.  I have to repeat my strong recommendation of Dr. Suzette Haden Elgin's book on peaceful language and resolving verbal conflict. The book is How to Turn the Other Cheek and Still Survive in Today's World, and is published by Thomas Nelson Publishers ISBN 0-7852-7249-6 ($12.99 223 pages). If you represent a group or institution, you can order an evaluation copy directly from the publisher, Thomas Nelson, at 1-800-251-4000 or 1-615-889-9000 for $8.99.


The 17th International Peace Research Association (IPRA) Conference, "Meeting Human Needs in a Cooperative World" will be held 23-26 June 1998.  

6th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONFLICT RESOLUTION, St. Petersburg, Russia May 8-18, 1998 Common Bond Institute More details on-line.

NIDR's yearly conference will be in Columbus, Ohio July 19-22 and details are available by calling 1-202-466-4764. While I will not be able to attend, I have sent them my conference presentation to print and distribute.  I've authorized them to charge for the copies (without any payment to me) to help them cover their costs.

Federal Labor & Mediation Conference in San Antonio will be July 9 and 10th. Write Commr. Michael J. Wolf, Federal Mediation Service, 10127 Morocco, STE 108, San Antonio, Texas 78216-3938 to be put on the mailing list. It is an important conference for anyone interested in Federal practice.

Including sessions on mediation, the International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers conference will be held in Vancouver, B.C. Nov.12-15.98 and will begin with a debate.  For the complete release, see Please call (802) 388-7478 for more information.

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Law working on a evaluation project on mediation experiments in The Netherlands will organise a conference on mediation with other professionals like judges, lawyers, mediators etc. The contact e-mail is: (Joris Kocken).  Any group interested in providing them with support would probably be welcome. The literature on Holland has been very positive and I expect they will come to some impressive conclusions.

A conference was held, in a way, on the subject of peace.  For the release on the first "metaconference" visit This is provided for informative purposes so when someone mentions it you will know what they are talking about.

Interesting new Mediation & ADR web sites


I plan to add Redstreet to the recommended designers along side College Hill and MediaHog (my second and first choices). is always worth a visit.  I'm saddened that College Hill has decided to stop publishing the Internet Legal Practice Newsletter.  They are well worth a visit also.


.Local Government Law Journal, Volume 3, February 1998, Number 3 (that's how they listed it) from Law Book Company Limited of Australia, had an excellent article by Gary I. Lilienthal on "Obstacles in Local Government Mediation."  I was very impressed and it benefited a law student who was doing some related research.
I have to strengthen my recommendation of Dr. Suzette Haden Elgin's book on peaceful language and resolving verbal conflict. The book is How to Turn the Other Cheek and Still Survive in Today's World, and is published by Thomas Nelson Publishers ISBN 0-7852-7249-6 ($12.99 223 pages). If you represent a group or institution, you can order a copy directly from the publisher, Thomas Nelson, at 1-800-251-4000 or 1-615-889-9000 for $8.99 (the institutional, single copy discount).  For lots of twenty, including shipping, the price is $197.98 (Nelson Word Direct, POB 140300, Nashville, TN  37214-0300, Attn Pam Owens).

More Notes.

Redstreet's methodology (at was very useful in my subtle redesign of the web site. The organization of the site is now clearer as to each volume of essays, the search engine for the site is much easier to find, and every mediation related page has the same navigation bar at the bottom -- even the newsletters archived at the site.  If anyone has further suggestions or changes that they think would improve the site or the navigation of it, please let me know.  I am hoping that the changes will make it easier for people to access the bulletin board (and the job openings listed there) and will make using the site more pleasant.

I've switched the search engine for the site to Thunderstone's Webinator.  Visit to try out the new search engine for the site.  It is much faster than the previous service and updates the entire site once a month.  With about 800 documents on the site I'm very pleased with the response time.  Moving to a faster on-site search engine -- and making it more obvious (the link to it is now on every page) is one of the things I did in response to the Redstreet review.

My site was also added to the Argus Clearinghouse at Social_Sciences___Social_Issues/political_science/conflict_studies?kywd.  Their faq is at  

More job openings at Comments on the times and numbers for SOAH jobs, see  For a graduate looking for employment visit the message board at

Publications // Mediation Monthly // Camara (Peru) // Web Notes

Troy Smith and Mediation Monthly can be reached at or 1-800-ADR-FIRM.  BTW, I'm interested in recommendations for other publications -- if you are involved with one, let me know about it and I'd love to share information about it.

Camera is also looking forward to its next issue.  That one will probably be free as well. is an interesting story if you use a computer word processor.  If you deal with managers, is a great read once a week.

Peru/South America

My thanks to Carlos Aranda of Camera in Peru, who provided a copy of Peru's new mediation law for Rodrigo Afanador, at in Columbia.

Submissions to

As always, I am interested in any submissions or articles anyone would like to have posted on the web.  With my best regards, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Marsh
Additional material is included in the on-line version.

Back issues at

If for some reason you wish to be removed from my periodical mailings please let me know.  I just updated my mailing list software and if I'm sending anyone extra copies or sending it to anyone who shouldn't be getting it, please let me know.  This is my first time with a mailing list and I'm trying to limit it to only people who would be interested.  Thanks for your patience and help.

Post Script (the "extra" material for the on-line version).

Zero:  A note about

The text I have lined out, e.g. (Coming  will contain a valid link that will reflect, from time to time, the newsletter as it is shaping up for the next month.

One:  Some information on training in California.

The William and Flora Hewett Foundation funds several institutes and centers throughout the US. One is at Stanford University, about 30 mile south of San Francisco. I don't know how current this information is, but here is Stanford's contact information:

Stanford Center on Conflict and Negotiation
Kenneth Arrow, Director
Crown Quadrangle
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-8610

Also, I understand that the Seybrook Institute (near or in San Francisco) is interested in the global perspective of social conflict and its final resolution, from a multiple of perspectives.

With regard to community mediation and other dispute resolution centers, there are several around. The Peninsula Mediation Center is San Mateo, about 15 miles south of San Francisco may be a place to practice/volunteer your mediation services for the community. The Community Board Program has been a long standing organization and virtually put community and group mediation on our minds. Its mission has changed since I entered the field, so you may want to check them out as well. The Community Board Program is also in San Francisco.

Good luck. Feel free to look me up via e-mail when you get here! :-)


Jane A. McCluskey
Consulting & Conciliation Service


St. Petersburg, Russia May 8-18, 1998
Common Bond Institute

50 institutes, workshops, lectures, and roundtables, and a full slate of
evening activities that offer:
> training in practical skills,
> sharing of programs and curriculums,
> intensive dialogues exploring theory and perceptions of conflict and resolution
> networking and collaboration opportunities during and beyond events
> a powerful intentional community experience

CURRENT SAMPLES OF PRESENTERS include: George Lakey (US), Pir Vilayat Khan (France), Dmitry Leontiev (Russia), Neil Douglas-Klotz (England), Marilyn Youngbird (US), Red Earth Woman (US), Shoji Muramoto (Japan), Nira Kfir (Israel), Marina Tjasto (Russia), Toshihru Kasai (Japan), Muhammad Tehrani (Iran), Ann Johnston (US), Valentin Krindach (Russia), Makram Haluani (Venezuela), Chris Stout (US), Alexandra Moiseyeva (Russia), Robin Milstead (US), Carlo Hawk Walker Carlino (US), Victor Kagan (Russia), Demetri Efthyvoulos (US), Peter Timoshenkov (Russia), Galina Azovtseva (Russia), Stefan Wolff (England), Ella Poljakova (Russia), Kelly Weiler (US), Sergey Zubarev (Russia), Alexander Rusetsky (Georgia), Alexander Badkhen (Russia), Mark Pevzner (Russia), Alice Crume (US), Oleg Lysenko (Russia), Irina Bagdasarjan (Armenia), Sharif Abdullah (US), Vladimir Safyanov (Russia), Yaron Ziv (Israel), Svetlana Yermakova (Russia), Nigel Hamilton (England), Valerij Kabrin (Russia), Annedore Schultze (Germany), Olga Kazanskaja (Russia), Elizabeth Jenkins (US), Atum O'Kane (England), Vladimir Dmitriev (Russia), Star Jameston (US), Yurij Krasin(Russia), Adrian Wolfe (England), Galina Mikkin (Estonia), and Yevgenia Volkova (Russia).

_______________________ROUNDTABLE DIALOGUES___________________________


Facilitating Members: Representatives of computer and electronic communications technology (internet, etc.), and the media.

This roundtable focuses on the current and future impact of increasingly available technology that allows more direct, frequent, and highly personal contact between an unprecedented and increasing portion of the global population on a daily basis (as we are doing right now). It also addresses the role of the formal and alternative media in reporting and potentially influencing existing and potential conflict situations. Implications for the manner in which these different aspects, or levels, of local and global communications are evolving, interacting, and impacting on each other will be explored. To highlight the technology's potential, during the conference - and even the roundtable - a computer link will be set up to our web site through the internet to allow posting brief synopses of the roundtable dialogue and conference in-process, and to receive comments and questions from "virtual" participants around the world.



This topic has been represented at each of the 6 conferences to date, and is always well attended. It explores what we mean by spirituality, and how relationships and interactions with ourselves, each other, and other forms of life are effected when this potential is developed and fully present. It also explores the impact of it's hinderance or distortion.



Facilitating Members:  representatives of various indigenous spiritual traditions.

The vision of the Roundtable is to renew indigenous forms of communications, reconnect relationships among peoples, and explore interconnectedness as one global people. Organizers of this roundtable are bringing together representatives of indigenous tribes/groups and spiritual traditions from several different regions of the world. Currently this includes Native American (North and South), Siberian, Northern Russian, Caucuses, and Middle East.

Vision Statement: "The vision of the Roundtable is to renew our indigenous forms of communications, to reconnect our relationships among peoples, and to explore our interconnectedness as one global people.

We affirm that life is one place or "country" with no borders. We honor the ancient prophecy of one world: one people. To move toward one people, we offer a different world view which focuses on the "13 essential nations of life".

The essential nations are:  

At the Roundtable, we hope to bring together representatives of the 13 essential nations who share the vision and spirit of one world: one people."



This roundtable explores healing and reconciliation paradigms for prison and offender programs in diverse cultures, utilizing spirituality and humanistic psychology as a base. Developers of highly innovative and effective prison reform and offender reconciliation programs in Iran, Russia, Sweden, the US, and elsewhere offer their work as practical applications of this approach.



~ Cross-cultural dance and songfest on the shores of the Finnish Gulf where participants from different cultures share sacred/healing dances and songs of social and personal transformation,

~ Sharing of indigenous spiritual ceremonies,
~ Dances of Universal Peace,
~ Children's concert of traditional Russian music,
~ Russian folk and ritual dancing,
~ Slide show of River Spirit images.


An INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY NETWORK MEETING will be reconvened during the conference for those interested. First initiated at the 1995 ICR Conference, this annual meeting is attended by representatives of AHP's around the world seeking to nurture bonds and mutual support between them, assist interest groups wishing to form local AHP's, and promote humanistic psychology globally. This year's gathering will examine the current and future state of humanistic psychology and elicit input from different cultures that can then contribute diversity to the larger dialogue of the upcoming Old Saybrook II conference in the US.


Job Openings

The Postal Service is looking for alternative
dispute resolution providers (Mediators)to service
the Cincinnati Area. We are looking for people in
the OH,KY,IN areas. You may have received a survey
from us already, however, if not please contact me
at (513) 684-5743 and I will explain the process
that must be followed and send you a survey form.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jo Ann


The State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) for Texas reports that their application release to hiring time is usually about six weeks. (Bertha Davis) stated "The entire application process typically takes 4 to 6 weeks from time of posting to date of hire. Some of our postings attract many applications, most particularly the ALJ positions and administrative positions."

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