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A Newsletter from ADR Resources //
Interim Updates and Corrections
Date: 98-3-20 14:46:43 EST
From: Ethesis@AOL.Com (Ethesis)



The free template at had a software induced glitch that prevented the graphics from displaying.  That's been fixed now.  My apologies to all!  Try visiting it again -- and this time you will be able to see the professional graphics in use.  The graphics are all in the subdirectory for anyone who wants to download them.  I've also added 's logo to the collection of images there.   If you use the template, he deserves a link somewhere on the site.


The 17th International Peace Research Association (IPRA) Conference, "Meeting Human Needs in a Cooperative World" will be held 23-26 June 1998.  For complete details, see (bottom of page).

NIDR is having another school & education & ADR conference this summer.  I was invited to present a seminar, but would have had to pay about three hundred dollars for the privilege of presenting.  I'm not that driven to do public speaking -- though the conference should be great.  The conference will be in Columbus, Ohio July 19-22 and details are available by calling 1-202-466-4764.

Federal Labor & Mediation Conference in San Antonio will be July 9 and 10th.  The conference cost is $90.00 and they will be mailing out more information.  Write Commr. Michael J. Wolf, Federal Mediation Service, 10127 Morocco, STE 108, San Antonio, Texas 78216-3938 to be put on the mailing list.

Interesting web sites:


The Handbook of Interethnic Coexistence,, is now available.  An interesting book, the web page provides substantial details.  

My wife's address to the 1997 BYU Women's Conference is now on-line at  Her session had about three thousand in attendence.  It is collected in the book, Every Good Thing, ISBN 1-57345-367-6.

Peru/South America

17 Peruvians are assisted to Advanced Negotiation Workshop held at the Harvard Law School from the 23rd to the 27th of March.  This event was organized by CMG International and its Latin American affiliates. Participants from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Peru are scheduled for the workshop.

APENAC has concluded editing a new book in spanish "Negotiation, Conciliation and Arbitration", which will be used by 15 Latin American Law Schools as text book in the course of the same name.

Camara ( is expecting to be producing a second volume of their law journal in the next several months.  It has been a busy time.

In Columbia, Rodrigo Afanador, at is looking for advice and copies of the laws of other South American countries on mediation for the initiative in his country.

Submissions to

As always, I am interested in any submissions or articles anyone would like to have posted on the web.  With my best regards, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Stephen Marsh
Additional material is included in the on-line version.

Back issues at

If for some reason you wish to be removed from my periodical mailings please let me know.  I just updated my mailing list software and if I'm sending anyone extra copies or sending it to anyone who shouldn't be getting it, please let me know.  This is my first time with a mailing list and I'm trying to limit it to only people who would be interested.  Thanks for your patience and help.

Post Script (the "extra" material for the on-line version).


A reference from a friend I trust:  NVMS, Northern Virginia Mediation Service will train and expect that those trained will commit some time, especially to Court annexed cases. Also, the Multidoor Dispute Mediation Program with the DC Superior court is an excellent training program, also expecting a commitment for the training. I don't know about NVMS, but Multidoor was free.


I've had the e-mail from the following addresses "bounce" with "host not found" (e.g.:  Name server: host not found -- or -- Service unavailable) messages for about two months.  I've attempted to contact the webmasters for the sites and have not had success.

I know that exists and have e-mailed the bounced messages from the addresses there to the webmaster.  I know Fresno Pacific University Center exists (and has a great mediation related web site at http://www.  I regret that those individuals have not gotten the newsletter and can only apologize for the mysteries of the web.  <sigh>


The 17th International Peace Research Association (IPRA) Conference
THEME: "Meeting Human Needs in a Cooperative World"
WHEN: 23-26 June 1998
WHERE: University of Durban-Westville, Durban, South Africa


Keynote Address: Conflict challenges at the close of the 20th Century
Plenary 1: Building Meaningful North-South Cooperation: Responsibility vs. Specific Interests
Plenary 2: Globalization: Uniting or Dividing the World
Plenary 3: Reforming International Institutions Towards Meeting Human Needs
Plenary 4: Human Rights as an Instrument for the Eradication of Poverty: Women, Youth, Rural Communities
Plenary 5: Military Security vs. Human Security
Plenary 6: Resolution of Internal Conflicts: Reconciliation and Reconstruction of War Torn Societies
Plenary 7: A Vision for Meeting Human Needs in a Cooperative World: Future Challenges to Peace Research
**18 additional separate IPRA Commissions also held looking at Communications; Conflict Resolution & Peace-Building; Eastern Europe; Ecological Security; Global Political Economy; Internal Conflicts (ICON); International Human Rights; Nonviolence; Peace Education; Peace History; Peace through Literature; Peace Movements; Peace Theories; Reconciliation; Religion and Peace; Refugees; Security & Disarmament; Women and Peace.**

REGISTRATION FEE: Before 28.2.98 After 28.2.98
International Delegates: U.S.$200.00 U.S.$220.00
South African Delegates: U.S.$60.00 U.S.$60.00


Hayden Allen
Tel: +27 31 2629340
Fax: +27 31 2629346

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