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Program for Undergraduate Program/Certificate in Dispute Resolution/Mediation

Requires* the core classes and two elective classes for the Minor/Certificate, all classes and related electives for the Major/Degree program.

 * Introduction to Dispute Resolution (2 hours)

 * Introduction to Negotiation (3 hours)

 * Personal Peacemaking (2 hours)

 * Core Dispute Resolution Skills (3 hours)

 * Role Play Lab (1 hour)

 * Court Annexed Mediation (3 hours) (40 class hours/certificate)


Introduction to Arbitration (2 hours)

 Family Mediation (2 hours)

Facilitation (2 hours)

 Systems (2 hours)

 Complexity (2 hours)

 National Conflicts (2 hours)

Marketing Your Skills (2 hours)

 Seminar/Misc. Advanced Topics (2 hours)

Mediation in the Campus Community   GenderSpeak   The  Mediation Process


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