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ICAR (George Mason) Undergraduate Program

General Description

In collaboration with the New Century College (NCC), the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR) is offering courses which promote an integrative understanding of the processes relevant to conflict resolution and social change. The program is primarily concerned with the problems of human conflict and the means by which such conflicts can be resolved nonviolently. ...

This initiative is a response to the growing demand for new undergraduate courses in peace and conflict studies on campus as well as the changing educational and academic environment in the field.  ...

Goals and Objectives

The program is designed to enrich the undergraduate learning environment at George Mason University by emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach, a participatory learning process, and the integration of practice and theory. ...

1. Promotion of an Interdisciplinary Learning Environment

2. Integration of Knowledge

3. Participatory Learning

4. Practical Implications

Course Offerings

1. Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Transformation

2. Spirituality and Conflict Transformation

3. Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

Links to New Century College

The ICAR undergraduate courses--designed to enhance the goal of achieving collaborative, self-reflective, and interdisciplinary learning communities--are offered in cooperation with NCC in the 1997-1998 academic year. They complement existing teaching programs of New Century College which stress an experiential and integrative learning process. The courses sponsored by ICAR are well connected to other courses in New Century College which deal with race, class, gender, the impact of social and economic forces on community relations, community building, global culture, and so forth. These NCC courses include Violence and Gender, Construction of Differences; Tradition & Modernity; Modernization & Its Discontents; Social Movements and Community Activism; Neighborhood, Community and Identity.

Relations to Other Programs

The ICAR program complements other existing liberal arts programs at George Mason University. ... Collaboration will be initiated with relevant programs on campus to select possible elective courses. These programs include, but are not limited to Communication, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Government and Public Policy, Management, Urban and Suburban Studies, and Women's Studies.

Career Opportunities for Students

There is great demand for expertise in conflict management, transformation, and resolution at community, social, and international levels. Society has begun to recognize the critical need for professional third party intervention in both public and private sectors. Career opportunities for students can be enhanced by combining knowledge and skills in conflict studies with other fields of specialty or interest such as social work, education, public policy, and international relations. Possible employers include social service agencies, government departments, international organizations, and nongovernmental organizations.

GMU's New Century College

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