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Brenau University Conflict Resolution and Legal Studies


About the Conflict Resolution and Legal Studies Program

... The dual aim of the program is to teach students how to recognize potential conflicts and look for ways to resolve them whether within the existing legal system or in an alternative setting.

The program begins by bringing together the historical and theoretical concepts and ends with an internship in a legal or conflict resolution setting. The program is part of the Humanities Department which speaks to the broad understanding each student will gain about the interaction of the individual, society, and culture and the importance of being able to understand the roots of conflict. ...

Course Content

Students in this program will participate in:


What you can do with this degree

Because of the broad, liberal arts orientation of this degree, career alternatives and further courses of study are almost unlimited. However, specific potential career paths from this degree may include:

Contact Information
For further information about this unique program, please contact: 

Kenneth K. Frank, Program Director 
Conflict Resolution and Legal Studies Program 
Brenau University 
One Centennial Circle 
Gainesville, GA 30501 
Phone: (770) 534-6297 

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