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The Clash of Paradigms


Often when an author is describing the core conflict that is tearing apart a group that shares the same goals and ideals, what the author is really describing is a conflict between a Platonic and an Aristotelean philosophical set. Generally the points made would benefit from comparison to other clashes of those two sets, and the various efforts that have been made to harmonize movements that have spit into Platonic and Aristotelean halves.

These clashes occur over and over again, as those two philosophic sets seem to corrupt (seduce? — rewrite?) various movements on a regular basis. Conflict analysis needs to address modern conflict in light of the historic issues and interactions.

The Two Paradigms

Idealism and Nominalism

Historical Examples

Plato and Aristotle

Marxist-Leninism and Stalinism

Catholic theology (the shift to Platonic ideals and the theological conflicts that thinking created).

The Green party pragmatics vs. idealists.


This essay is still under construction.

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