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Short Mediation Script -- An Introduction to a Mediation Session.

Good morning.  I am ________, an attorney from _________.  I am your mediator today, which means that I am here to help you and to aid your efforts to resolve your conflict.  To help you, I will stress three things:

One, your voluntary participation.  The mediation process exists for your benefit -- which is why it can be voluntary.  I will be helping you make your own choices in your own self interest by examining your essential needs and positions.

Two, I will emphasize symmetry or fairness.  This means that I will treat every side equally and act only inside the limits you authorize.

Three, confidentiality.  The settlement conference is off-limits, just as stated in the contract you signed.  Even more, what we talk about in private remains private unless you say otherwise.

To start the process, I will ask each side to put their issues on the table and to tell us about their case.  You can take the time you need, but most people take about five to ten minutes to describe things.  When both sides have finished, we will then break into separate groups or caucuses and go from there as the matter requires.

_______, I would like you to start by sharing some information about your case.  What would you like to tell us?

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