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Subj: Labor Department announces ADR proposal Date: 97-02-13 15:50:51 EST

From: (David S. Dickerson)


Labor Department Announces Alternative Dispute Resolution Proposal

The Department of Labor announced on February 11, 1997 that it will propose testing a new program to resolve some workplace disputes without costly litigation. Known as Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, the program is aimed at resolving cases between employees and employers through mediation or arbitration with neutral outsiders, instead of through lawsuits brought by the Department. DOL's test proposal will be open for public comments during a 60-day comment period. [from February 11, 1997 to mid April 1997] [strong added, dates added]

In a first for the Department, comments can be filed over the Internet through the Department's website located at:

Federal Register Notice Expanded Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Programs Administered by the Department of Labor; Proposed Rule

Press Release Labor Department Announces Alternative Dispute Resolution Proposal

Application Help File and Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to submit comments or to link to the site at:

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