-- Recommended Small Groups and Individual Dispute
Resolution Professionals and Their Web Sites
This list is new and will be expanded as I encounter
sites that appeal to me. (Award Button)

The Sites:

Some notes:

  1. Sites on this list are entitled to use the award button.  It is available
  2. I would really appreciate suggestions and additions.  While I've browsed the various sites on the web from search engines, your recommendations are very appreciated.  Recommend a mediator's site for me and I'll gladly make use of your endorsement.
  3. If you would like to have a site, and are willing to do the design work yourself I am willing to host sites on my web space for $25.00 a year -- including set-up. It would be less, but I'm paying someone else to set up the individual sub-directories, passwords, etc.
  4. See [Join ADR Resources] for more details on being hosted here. Hosting has nothing to do with being listed (listing is free). Further, there are *many* free places to put your site on the web.
  5. For design services see  or College Hill my two favorite providers. Mediation Matters site was done by Blue Light. You can also see the on-line tutorial on doing it yourself. -- many people have done great jobs with minimal cost. Consulting & Conciliation Service is a good example of a "do-it-yourself" site.

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