Guestbook Terms of Service

This guestbook serves a special class of people who have lost children or who are suffering from intense grief.

Posting of advertisements for political causes, extensive use of pot, your graphic hard core homosexual site or similar things is not appreciated.

Further, all such (or similar) off-topic or commercial use of this site without advance permission is subject to the general terms of service posted previously on this site.

There is a charge of $100,000.00 per day per incident, payable in Dallas, Texas or Wichita Falls, Texas (at my discretion) for such use.

If you are an ISP, you agree by allowing your members access to this site that they are your agents for any link to your site and that you will pay all bills incurred by your agents.

Also, if you have posted something on this site and later decided that you do not want those private feelings to remain on the web, do contact me and I will try to remove them.  I have no desire to increase the pain or hurt anyone feels.

If you are Scandinavian, please e-mail me to let me know why I've had a rash of Scandinavian posters (Norway, Iceland, etc.) all posting autoloading links to porn pictures of themselves, pictures of their flowers, etc. on this guestbook.  Is there some cultural thing that makes it ok?  They are the only group abusing this site and my guestbook in that fashion and I'm tired of deleting the links.  Since I've had such good experiences with the Norwegians I've known, I'm at a loss as to these spammers.  Do they really think that people whose children have died are interested in non-English language immature homosexual, and/or autoerotic tattoos and flower pages?  Seems like both a waste of time and an abuse contrary to these TOS limits.

Finally, on my main page you will find links to books, some of which are out of print.  I always encourage those in grief to get books through inter-library loan.  As you are in recovery, your tastes may change, your needs may change and a book that seemed dear to you may hold you down.  If it is a library book, that isn't a problem.  You can always buy a book later, there is no need to do it when you really could spend your money on better things.

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